Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tidy Up Your Home

Spring is the best season to tidy up your home! Doing a deep clean and big giveaway of items in your home feels great before the summer heat. At Albuquerque Self Storage we give you a spring-cleaning checklist to make sure you have everything in order! Follow our tips and don’t miss a beat for your home to become sparkling clean this spring.

1.  Plan It Out

When beginning spring cleaning you want to be sure you create a list of items that absolutely must get done within the month! When creating a plan of what exactly you need to do each day spring spring cleaning checklistcleaning becomes much easier. Print out the month you plan on cleaning and schedule out tasks for the day, week, month, and goals for the following months. Creating a plan for your spring-cleaning checklist will guarantee things get done and run smoothly!

2.  Clean the Cleaning Supplies

So you have decided to really clean your home this spring? One of the first places you should start with are actually your cleaning supplies. Whether you have a supply closet, or a supply shelf start organizing all of your supplies. Change the filter in your vacuum, replace your duster and toilet wand, and wash your broom. While this might seem odd to clean your cleaning supplies you’ll be amazed at how much nicer everything will clean.

3.  Throw Away Old Papers

We all know how easy it is to hold onto receipts and old papers. You might even be holding onto old school notes just in case you need them from that one Algebra class. Most of these papers will sit in a closet or drawer never to be touched again You want to recycle papers you no longer need in your home and file all important papers in drawers and cabinets. Get rid of the magazines you’ve never touched cluttering your table, throw away the mail you never open, and organize your receipt drawer.

4.  Change Air Filters & Open Windows

You want to be sure your home has fresh air by swapping out all air filters every 3-6 months. However, with pets it is recommended to change them sooner. Swap your air filters in your furnace and spring cleaning checklistair conditioner at the same time to make sure your filters are done and taken care of. Changing air filters helps to keep things fresh and maintain a healthy air quality in your home. During your spring cleaning it is also smart to open your windows. Get rid of all of the static air particles in your home by getting fresh air. This also helps to keep the cleaning product fumes down during your cleaning sessions and gives you the opportunity to clean all your window sills and screens!

5.  Soak Faucets

We have all been there when our shower and sink faucets start to squirt water from all different directions thanks to calcium buildup. A quick and easy way to break down that calcium buildup is by using distilled vinegar in a baggie. Take the bag filled with vinegar and wrap it around the faucet with a rubber band. When taking this solution to fix your faucets be extremely careful not to get any distilled vinegar on marble or granite nearby as it will ruin it!

6.  Dust, Dust, Dust

Basic spring-cleaning checklist tip, we know… but what about all those little places you forgot about? Think of your ceiling fan, bookshelves, picture frames hanging all around, light fixtures, and even mirrors. Many people often dust as a quick cleaning method, but every few weeks you want to be sure you clean those small crevices and trinkets.

7.  Clean the Pantry

Cleaning your pantry every few months is extremely important! You don’t want to begin cooking and realize one of the items you just put into your food expired in 2012 (a few of us have been there before, so take our advice). Start organizing by creating shelves for spices, snacks, and cooking basics. You can also organize snacks in clear bins to make sure you and the kids can easily find what you are looking for.

8.  Clean Outdoor Spaces

You have cleaned the entire inside of your house so now it is time to attack the outdoor area. If you live in an area that has harsh winter you likely are now starting to bring your outdoor furniture spring cleaning checklistonto your patio. If your furniture stayed outdoors all winter long then it is time to uncover it! You definitely want to wash all of your outdoor furniture before having guests sit on dust. Once all of your tables and chairs and washed off set up your backyard for a fun summer.

We have just given you 8 items to add to your spring-cleaning checklist. There are so many more ways in which you can clean your home too: declutter your garage, deep clean your rugs and carpets, wax your wooden floors and marble countertops, and deep clean your kitchen appliances. Just remember that spring cleaning doesn’t only need to be done during the spring! During this time if you decide you want to store away some furniture or any other household items contact us and we will help decide what size storage unit is best for you!

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