Make Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

temporary housing

Moving can be a hassle, whether you are moving across the country, across the state, or even just across the city. Usually most people move post college when it is much easier to move just a few possessions. However, once you’ve settled down with kids and have more worldly possessions moving becomes a little bit more of a hassle. When you are moving around it can be difficult to make temporary housing feel like home.

We understand how difficult it can be to feel comfortable and at home in your temporary

housing. We give you a few tips on how to handle temporary housing and make it feel like you live there all the time. Different tips on what to pack and what to store, buying candles, and different types of temporary housing we hope this helps you!

How to Turn Your Temporary Housing into Home

Depending how long you are looking to stay with temporary housing may depend on your reasons for moving. When you are in the process of moving most of your items are likely to stay in storageto avoid packing and unpacking so many times between housing. You are probably used to the amount of personal touches in your home which can make temporary housing feel even more foreign.

There are multiple items that you can be sure you leave unpacked from your storage items. Things like your favorite stuffed animal, your favorite book, and a pillow are all great things to keep with you during temporary housing to feel more at home. It is also very helpful to keep some photos out that you can easily hang up wherever you go. Whether you keep these in frames or laminate them and use putty to hang the photos of beloved memories help any house feel homier!

Another way in which you can make your temporary housing feel more like home is by purchasing a candle that has a scent of your home. Scent is linked to our memories transporting us back to specific times and places. You can also purchase flowers to brighten any room in your home. These are easy things to not worry about packing when you pick up and move again but give your temporary home good ambiance.

Finding time to settle into your usual routine will tell you if you feel like you’re home. If you can get comfy, kick off your shoes, and nap on the couch you can probably say it feels close to home. Start this by seeing if you can get into your kitchen routine. If there is a meal you can make better than anyone else this is the time to whip it out and cook! While you may be busy during your transitions avoid the temptation to eat out and keep some money in your wallet. Try cooking enough for the week so that you can focus on working, unpacking, and have meals prepared already!

There are different types of temporary housing you can rent or lease depending on how long you need to stay. Some types of housing include:

1.  Airbnb

One of the most popular ways to rent housing for a few months or even for vacation Airbnb is a great option for those looking for temporary housing! While it is more known as a hotel substitute for traveling there are certain houses that only rent for 30+ days. Airbnb provides great flexibility and often quick responses from the host. Although this can be a higher cost depending on the level of privacy you are looking for Airbnb provides great options.

2.  Month-to-Month Rentals

Month-to-month rentals and short-term lease apartments are nice because you are often able to bring in your own furniture – this means sleeping in your own bed for those few months! No different than any other apartment, but this time you are only here for a few months. Month-to-month rentals definitely make you feel as though you are at home but can be a hassle depending on how much you need to pack and unpack in-between moves.

3.  Subletting

Subletting is a great option for temporary housing. Often times the person looking to sublet their apartment for a few months is either renting out an entire apartment or their bedroom within their apartment. This can lead to having an apartment to yourself or with a few roommates which can be fun!

4.  Apartment Hotels

Also known as extended stay hotels this is a simple way to find already furnished temporary housing. Usually supplied with kitchens appliances, dishes, and utensils can give you quick and easy access to cooking. You also usually have options to use gyms, pools, and sometimes breakfasts. Depending on the area you are staying in it can also potentially be cheaper to stay at an apartment hotel.

5.  Friends and Family

Living with friends and family can be a great experience, but you must be sure there are boundaries set prior to moving in. You want to be sure you are not overstepping in someone’s home when they are helping you. However, often friends and family allow you to live for free which is a great money saver. You also already know your roommates and so it won’t be like moving in with new people entirely. Living with friends and family it is essential to go above and beyond as a house guest! Be sure to communicate and do whatever it is they may need help around the house with.

While temporary housing is not necessarily the easiest or most glamorous you can certainly make it feel like home. Just adding a few extra touches can help you to feel like your home for a little while! If you are in the process of moving and need a storage unit for a few months during your temporary housing contact us. Albuquerque Self Storagewill do our best to help find the right sized storage unit for you!

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