How to Organize a Kids Room

organize kids room

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! We know just how difficult it can be to keep a clean home with children and toys lying everywhere. Constantly tripping over toys, feeling them imprint into the bottom of your foot, or falling over and having them jab your side you may think it is impossible to have a clean house with kids. Let us tell you just how possible it is to organize a kids room. 


Baskets, either wicker or metal, are a great way to keep toys together and off the floor. These types of baskets also allow you to still have style in your kids rooms. Use baskets to collect toys, books, and accessories. You can label the baskets too to help your child keep their items in order and in the proper place. By using baskets you help to keep clutter off of the floors and teaching your children to clean up after they are done playing. 

Built-In Shelves

Having built-in shelves in your kids room can help to organize immensely. These can be used to store books as actual bookshelves, store toys, or even store small trinkets. Allow your kids to place what they wish on these shelves, but also make sure they know everything must be kept neat. Built-in shelves are also helpful to keep items you don’t want your children to be able to reach to easily a little higher. 

Beds with Drawers/Under Bed Storage

We all have seen our own closets at one point or another with clothes shoved in and all askew. By utilizing under bed storage you are able to keep things nice and tidy. Instead of shoving knick-knacks underneath the bed consider purchasing drawers or containers that slide easily giving you access to what you need to store.  


Cubbies are great storage for your kids! They are easy to teach children how to use and are fun for kids to store their toys and books in. When you have cubbies and bins set aside for to organize your kids room they will begin to get in a habit of cleaning after themselves. A great way to make sure your child gets into the habit of cleaning is by labeling each bin. 

Extra Play Room

Kids have big imaginations and sometimes get bored in one room. That is why you often end up stepping on toys in your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. If you have extra storage rooms in your house consider turning one of these spaces to be an extra playroom. Not only will your kids enjoy an extra play room, but this will also keep their toys limited to their bedroom and playroom. 

When deciding how to organize kids room you need to think how your child will respond best to organization. Will they need bins and shelves to be labeled, are they better with color coated items, or will they just enjoy having a place for everything? You will be able to organize based on your child’s level of understanding how to organize. 

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