Moving in Together as A Couple

Moving in together as a couple is a big next step in many relationships. It is a huge life transition that has many emotions attached to it from exciting, to scary, to not knowing how to feel. Allow yourself to feel these emotions because it’s okay to feel the way you do! At Albuquerque Self Storage we want to give you a few questions to ask before moving in together and a few tips to follow when moving in together.

In the past decade many more couples are moving in together before officially tying the knot. It is great to know the person you may be considering spending the rest of your life with prior to fully committing. This means moving in together is a great trial for your potential future, but there are a few basic questions that must be answered before moving in.

What to Discuss with Your Partner Before Moving In

1.   How will rent, utilities, groceries, subscriptions, and other expenses be split?

Money should always be discussed before moving in together. There is no point in hiding money now as you will be living together. You and your partner will quickly learn each other’s loans, debts, and credit scores. This is a time where you should discuss anything you haven’t talked about before, as well as deciding how you will split all of your expenses. Who will pay for Netflix, Hulu, and other subscriptions? Who will pay for groceries or how will you split the cost? How will rent be split along with utilities? These are questions that should be answered well before moving in together to ensure there is no hostility towards pays for what.

2.   How will you respect privacy and space?

Moving in together completely eliminates privacy. There is no “break” of alone time from your significant other once you move in together. You are going from a lot of privacy to nearly none at all, so it is important to set boundaries on private time and private space. This will vary depending on each relationship, but it still a discussion that should happen.

3.   How will house chores and responsibilities be split?

This is something that can be changed throughout your time living together but is very important that chores and responsibilities be split and not fall onto one person! Make a list for the week of who is responsible for laundry, washing the dishes, drying the dishes, vacuuming and mopping the floors, and other chores you may have. Change up who does which chores to keep things lively, and as you go through the chores you’ll learn who loves to wash the dishes and who loves to do the laundry and can make each of those your own chores for a while!

4.   How will you maintain the spark in your relationship?

It is very easy to fall into a routine of sitting down and watching Netflix. But let’s face it, after a while this becomes rather boring. Once you move in together things tend to fall into a routine, so try to keep the spark alive in your own way! This could mean a date night every week or every month, going on a hike, playing board games, making dinner together, or even just a fun day trip. Whatever fits your relationship and your budget set time aside to do something you would both enjoy.

5.   If the relationship ends who will keep the apartment and the potential pets?

No one enjoys talking about the potential of a relationship ending, especially if you are moving in together – but you have to be realistic. Often times couples discover that living together doesn’t work and their relationship may not work. It is smart for both of you to have a Plan B just in case the relationship doesn’t work. Let’s say you have a dog, fish, cat, or some other animal… you will need to decide who gets to keep the animal and the apartment.

Once all these questions are answered and figured out it’s time to move in! As you begin to move you will need to purge a few items each of you have. Whether this means donating or selling certain items be sure you don’t keep absolutely everything since this isn’t always necessary. As you are moving in together there are bound to be items you want to place in storage. Contact us and we can help find the perfect storage unit for you! Don’t fret about getting rid of absolutely everything to make room for your new apartment or house. There are always items that are good to keep in storage you may find beneficial in the future!

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