Wine Storage: Tips to Keep Your Wine Nice

Who wouldn’t love a wine cellar inside their home? We know we would! But sometimes we just aren’t all blessed with awesome basements that aren’t too hot or too cold to double as a wine cellar. We are here to give you a few tips on how to properly store your wine, because once you start storing and collecting you won’t be able to stop! 

Wine can be a complicated item to store and keep fresh when you aren’t storing it in your beautiful wine cellar below your house. While we don’t want to sound biased, a climate controlled storage unit might be one of the best options for you! Below we list a few ways in which to store your wine to be certain you can enjoy after years of storage. As you store your wine in proper conditions it will keep its robust flavor making it more enjoyable as you store more and more properly. 

1.  Keep it cool

You want to be sure that you keep your wine storage nice and cool. You never want it to reach above 70 °F. This will cause the wine to age much faster and potentially ruin the wine. Letting your wine sit in a hot space will flatten out the flavor and aroma (imagine a flat soda, but worse). Depending on the type of wine you are storing you will want to research into the best temperature for that, but usually anywhere between 40-70°F is what you should strive for! Be sure you avoid temperatures ranging between the suggested temperatures. You want to keep it steady and avoid extreme differences. You want to keep the temperature consistent. 

2.  Store wine bottles on the side

Keeping your bottles on their side helps to keep the wine cork moist and prevents it from drying out. If you have already opened the bottles however and have replaced a cork with your own then there is no need to store it on its side. This is also not necessary for the popular screw caps on wine bottles. However, if you want to keep the aesthetic for your wine storage, then by all means store all bottles on their sides! 

3.  No lights

Light can cause damage to your wine after a long time. Sunlight especially can cause damage to your wine bottles. Have you ever noticed that some of your wine bottles use a colored glass? This is to help protect the wine from direct sunlight. Although house light bulbs usually aren’t strong enough to cause long term damage to your wine, they may just fade the label. No matter what you want to use wine storage in a dark place, whether it be in a storage unit, a wine cooler, or your basement cellar!

After all of this, remember it is important to understand if your wine is best enjoyed a few years after it has been released or if it will store well for decades to come. No matter how you decide to create your wine storage you can use a climate controlled storage unitto create the perfect wine cellar, a built-in storage cooler, or even wine racks. If you are considering using a climate controlled storage unit contact us today. We will help you find the perfect size storage unit to create your dream wine cellar! 

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