Home Trends and Designs Buyers Want

If you are trying to sell your home there are certain home trends and designs that draw a potential buyers eye. If you are looking to purchase a home, there are certain trends to look for that can benefit you in your new home. From open floor plans, outdoor patios, and energy efficient appliances we tell you what to look for!

Many buyers are looking for a home that is move in ready or needs very little work to be done for their liking. Homes that are considered to be move in ready are homes that pass inspection well with very little to no issues. 

1. Open Floor Plan 

An open floor plan is one of the best ways to draw in potential buys for wanted home trends. A flowing floor plan is highly requested in many different homes. This is especially popular for families with young children – open floor plans allow parents and babysitters to keep an eye on the young ones while they play. The cohesive area of either a kitchen and dining room combined, a kitchen and living room, or all three flowing together is increasing in popularity. This gives the illusion of a spacious great room and the safety of watching children.

2. Modern Amenities in Kitchen and Bathrooms

You want to be sure that your home has modern amenities within the kitchen and bathrooms. These two rooms are where you spend nearly half your life. You most likely spend each morning and evening in the kitchen cooking and eating, and then spend half your time in the bathroom. These two rooms with modern amenities bring nearly the most return for you as the seller. Many home trends and designs lean towards modern amenities with new energy efficient appliances, granite or quartz counters, and large storage space in both the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Finished Basement

Having a finished basement is one of the best returns on investment you can have in your home. This adds more square footage and it’s a great way to draw in potential buyers. There are so many different things you can do with your basement, and we list them out for you in our article, 7 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement. Having a finished basement is a great draw in to potential buyers who want extra space for socializing, or separation between adults and children to allow for each to have their own living area. 

4. Outdoor Area

Outdoor areas are very much wanted for potential buyers of a home, especially those with children or those who are looking to have children. Many people enjoy outdoor patios or grass areas to enjoy during spring/summer time depending on where you live, and sometimes even fall if you live in a state like New Mexico or Arizona. By bringing the life outdoors you create a sense of serenity and excitement for everyone. Making the outdoors your gathering spot helps to also genuinely spend time with family and friends.  

5. Energy Efficient Windows & Appliances

Nowadays having energy efficient windows and appliances is what many home buyers want. Having eco-friendly windows, HVAC systems, kitchen, and bathroom appliances can be a huge cost saver not only on your water and energy bills, but also on certain things you buy such as food. By having a refrigerator that is energy efficient you keep food fresh for a longer period of time, cutting your energy bill and food bill down. Having energy efficient windows in your house you are able to save on your heating and cooling costs too. By making sure your windows and appliances are up to date you can sell your house for even more! 

6. Let the Light In

One of the most wanted home trends is having windows all throughout the house to let light in. Having natural light over artificial light bulbs is one of the most popular trends in houses right now. Studies have been done showing the effects of natural light vs artificial light and many home owners want as much natural light as possible. Not only are floor to ceiling windows wanted in many homes, but they are also worth the cost to place in your home for your return on investment. Also consider adding skylights, especially in bedrooms where they can be enjoyed in the evening looking at the stars! 

Knowing what home trends potential buyers want can help you to sell your house faster and have a higher return on investment. If you are in the process of moving and need to store items during this process contact us at Albuquerque Self Storage! We will help find the perfect sized storage unit for you. 

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