Office Organization: Keeping Your Workspace Ready for Work

A desk with a lot of clutter on it

Whether you’re working from home or an office, we all know how difficult it can be to keep your space from getting overrun by your work. Keeping your workspace organized can help promote a productive and efficient work environment but figuring out where to start can often be overwhelming. We’ve talked before about organizing a kid’s room and your kitchen and now we want to help by giving you a few office organization ideas.


One of the best ways to start your office organization journey is figuring out what you do and don’t need in your space. Decluttering your space can often be a difficult process, maybe you’re pressed for time, don’t want to make decisions about your things or have a connection to the items that you have in your office but having a clean and clear office space can help reduce stress and keep you more productive. Start by setting a time that is just for decluttering your space, having a designated time to clean will help keep you task oriented and make it easier to stay focused on the job. During this time, think about the items that you use on a regular basis, or list them out if that makes it easier, anything that doesn’t make your list you can store somewhere else or completely get rid of. 

Give Everything a Place

Once you’ve narrowed down your office belongings down to the necessities, you’ll want to decide where everything is going to go. Look at your office or desk and arrange things until you get them to a place that looks good and flows for you. Designate a specific area for any work that you have and keep that work to that space. Keeping all of your paperwork in one section can help keep the work from taking over your space. If you have wall space, use it to your advantage. Installing temporary shelves or hanging folders can be a great way to help keep clutter off of your desk as well as keep your office neat and organized.

Hide What Doesn’t Need to be Out

Often times the clutter from your office comes from things that we need to have. Cables, paperwork and office supplies can take up a lot of space and be a visual distraction despite how useful they might be. When looking at the supplies that you keep on your desk, think about how often they get used. If they don’t get used daily, think about placing them in a drawer to keep them out of sight and free up some of your desk space. Messy cables can also take up a lot of space if they aren’t organized. If your desk doesn’t have a hole to feed your cables through there are a few other options that will help with your office organization. Cable raceways are great for grouping longer cables together and guiding them in whatever direction you would like them to run. Velcro cable ties are another simple option for bundling together or even shortening some of the cables that you have lying around. If you’re looking for more a “do it yourself” option, binder clips are usually easily available in any office. Just clip them to the side of your desk and feed whatever cable you want through for easy and cost-effective organization.

Paper Storage

A stack of paper binders

Often times a cluttered desk can come from a lack of storage space. Whether it be a place for your folders and documents or your office supplies not having enough storage space to keep them all can lead to them taking over your desk space. Papers, often times, can be the biggest clutter culprit. To help reduce the amount of paper you have lying around, try saving what you can as digital copies to an online dropbox or drive. This allows you to not only eliminate the amount of paperwork taking up your office space, but also gives you the added benefit of access to these documents whenever you might need them. For papers that can’t be stored online, think of getting a desktop tray or other filing system to keep everything in one designated location.

As you’re clearing out your office space you may notice some things you don’t need in your office but also don’t want to throw out, a self-storage unit is a great place to keep them! Indoor storage units will protect your items from the elements until you’re ready to take them back out. Albuquerque Self Storage has indoor units in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, find yours today!

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