4 Tiny House Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Small Space

Only Keep the Essentials

Possibly one of the greatest challenges to moving into any smaller space is deciding whether or not you really need to keep some of your belongings. The key to making life in a small space work is keeping it from getting cluttered, and that means only keeping the items that are essential to you. There are several different ways to go about deciding whether or not to keep certain items in your life, TV shows have even started being made about them, but a good idea is to start by asking yourself a few questions;

  1. What would you save in a fire?
  2. Does this item have a purpose?
  3. Does this item make me happy?

Anything that you thought about taking with you in a fire, or if you answered yes to either of the other questions for specific items are things you should keep. Otherwise, it may be time to part ways with the belongings that didn’t meet the needs of the questions.

Optimize Your Space

The typical size of a tiny house usually does not exceed 500 square feet, meaning your space for storage is going to be a little bit limited. After deciding which items you’d like to bring into your new home, the next thing you’ll want to do is decide where everything will go. With your limited space, optimizing your area is a key to keeping your tiny home from getting cluttered. A basic tiny house storage idea is to keep your open area open. Using modular furniture or beds and tables that can be folded away are great ways to still offer those necessities without having them take up space when they aren’t in use. If your tiny home has stairs to a loft, the space underneath can be used to effectively add more storage space without taking space away somewhere else.

Concealed Storage

In your tiny home you aren’t going to have the closets and bigger pieces of furniture for storage that you would in a regular home. Due to this, most tiny home owners make use of concealed storage spaces. Couches and benches where the top cushion can be removed revealing a compartment for items are commonly seen in many tiny houses for their dual functionality. Buying a bed with dresser drawers underneath is another tiny house storage idea to give you more space while also keeping your items out of sight.

Get Creative

Some might think that having less square footage to work with could limit the options you have to work with but that isn’t necessarily true. Having a limited amount of space while still wanting to keep your items and space decluttered encourages you to start thinking outside of the box. Things in your kitchen that you might normally put away in a drawer or pantry can instead be hung on the walls. You might consider adding shelves to parts of your tiny house that you might not see in other homes. Those shelves can also be used in a different way than what you might normally think, consider hanging items from the bottom of the shelf instead of just using the top side. The possibilities for how you store and stylize are endless with just a little bit of creative thinking and brainstorming.

Whether you’re moving into a tiny home, an apartment, or a regular home having good climate-controlled storage for all of your belongings is essential to not only maintaining the quality of your items but also keeping your space organized and free of clutter. Albuquerque Self Storage has you covered for all of your storage needs. Whether you need a climate controlled indoor unit for your personal belongings or a covered outdoor storage space we can hold onto your things until you need them again. Contact us today to see what we have available.

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