A Mover’s Guide to Self Storage

Whether you’re getting ready for a move or wanting to declutter your office or home, moving into a storage unit can be a stressful and long process. Choosing self storage can make your move an affordable breeze, especially if you follow these moving and storage tips.

When it comes to moving, you need to know what to pack, how to pack it and where to store it. Depending on the type of objects you’re looking to store, you may prefer an indoor or outdoor unit. What about size? Climate control? Car or truck access?  

No matter what your need is, Albuquerque Self Storage has you covered.

Moving tips

The first step before packing anything into boxes or wrapping it in protective film is to declutter. Be sure everything that goes into storage are things you are going to need and will use once they come out of storage.

If you’re moving houses or storing items from more than one room, try color coding your labels or using different colored tape so you can quickly identify the contents of the box. Putting a short list of what is inside the box on the label will save you time as well. 

Breakable items will need to be wrapped and protected before they are boxed. Use old towels, magazines or newspaper, but be wary of staining the object with ink. Always label boxes with fragile items inside of them and keep those boxes on the top of the pile or separated. 

Do not leave anything unprotected. Purchase a couch protector and a mattress protector to avoid letting dust and mildew gather onto your furniture and wrap larger pieces in plastic or blankets to avoid scratches or bugs from settling on them. 

Do not pack the following: fire extinguishers, anything with ammonia, chlorine or heating agents like Sterno, paint or varnishes, and car batteries. 

When you’re ready to move your boxes into a storage unit, try keeping boxes with similar ending destinations together.

Self Storage Tips

Now that everything is packed, you need to figure out how much space you require and what is ideal for your storage needs. 

Outdoor units are great for car, RV, or boat storage. Albuquerque Self Storage offers outdoor units from 20 feet to 35 feet. 

Albuquerque Self Storage also offers numerous indoor storage unit sizes to fit your needs, from 6-foot by-4 foot, which is ideal for several boxes and office equipment such as a file cabinet, office chair and a desk, to 15-foot by 22-foot units that can fit furniture from a four bedroom home, a washer and dryer, cars, trucks, vans and more.

Now that you know what size you need and what you’re storing, you need to ask yourself if you need climate control or not. Not all moves require climate control and in most cases, you can get by without having it. Climate controlled units are typically more expensive and offer protection from extreme temperature. The temperature controlled rooms are better for protecting antiques, musical instruments, mattresses and electronics.

Most climate controlled units are indoors as well, which limits your ability to drive a moving truck or trailer right up to your unit.

Finally, think security. You will want a unit in a safe location that is well lit, fenced in and offers 24/7 security. Some companies will provide you with a new lock for your unit when you sign up so you know only you and the staff has access to the key. 

Construction plays a large role in security as well. Look for concrete and block construction that cannot be tampered with. Sturdy construction materials also prevent water and dust from entering your unit.

With your moving needs under control, it’s time to think about how much you’ll be paying. Many companies offer month-to-month rental of their spaces, but tack on deposits and hidden fees. Albuquerque Self Storage promises no deposits and no hidden fees. 

Be sure you are informed of cancellation policies before you sign on with the company. Some storage unit owners require up a notice up to a month prior of you moving out. Albuquerque Self Storage requests a 10-day notice prior to you moving out.

Moving into your Storage Unit

Before you start moving boxes into your unit, open and close the door, check the lock, clean the floor and plan how to use the space. Sweeping will ensure you don’t get dust on anything you are about to move in. Once it’s clean, put the boxes you know you’ll need to access at the very front of the unit near the door. 

After you’ve put the important boxes aside, plan how to load the unit in reverse. Put things that you’ll want to put in the back of the moving truck in the front of the storage unit. These are typically the heavier boxes and larger pieces of furniture.

 Remember to think vertically too – the best way to get the most of your unit is to stack. Boxes can go on top of desks, tables or couches, but avoid placing them on fragile items or items that can decompress over time, such as mattresses, cushions or pillows. 

From there, it’s a puzzle. Make sure every box fits comfortably, nothing is wobbly and you’re able to close the door without scraping against boxes or furniture. 


Moving is a cumbersome process, but knowing what you need is half the battle. Scout out self storage units before you pack and book one with a company you trust. Once you’ve signed the papers, it’s as easy as finalizing packing and labeling all of your boxes, loading them onto a truck and moving them into the unit. 

With all of the sizing variety, drive-up access and security, Albuquerque Self Storage can make your storage experience great. Contact them today to see if they have an indoor or outdoor unit that fits your needs. 

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