Top Five Ways to Reuse Your Moving Boxes

You breathe a sigh of relief; you’re finally all unpacked and into your new home. Your storage unit from Albuquerque Self Storage is empty and it treated you well. Nothing was broken, everything was organized, clean and secure and it was easy to load everything into the moving van. But now your new family room is littered with empty cardboard boxes. It seems like such as waste to get rid of them, though. Here is Albuquerque Self Storage’s top five ways to reuse your moving boxes. 

  1. Turn Your Boxes into Box Forts!

We all remember the time when we loved to burrow under blanket and pillow forts, hide under the dining room table and hide in box forts as a kid. Looking around, you have a good supply of large boxes, so why not make it a family project to create a box fort? It can be a castle, a pirate ship, a space shuttle; your kid’s imagination is the limit.

If you haven’t packed them away yet, string holidays light through the interior so your kids can see the mermaids off the starboard side of their ship or gaze at the rings of Saturn. Once the box fort is done, you can use the same cardboard to wrap your holiday lights around to ensure they won’t get tangled! 

If your kid isn’t a fan of box forts, you can break down the boxes and turn them into a race track. They can hand draw the course, tape on obstacles, make ramps and tunnels, and you won’t have to worry about them damaging your new floor or carpet while they race. 

  1. Boxes Make Great Pet Beds

If you have a cat or dog, you can turn the box into their favorite nap spot, chew toy or scratching post. 

We all know cats love to sit in boxes, so make the ultimate throne for your feline friend. Line the bottom with an old pillow or blanket. Put it in their favorite spot of the house or in front of a window so they can soak in sunshine. 

If your cat prefers dark, enclosed spaces, then seal the box, cut a hole for them to get into, and spread out a cushion for them to enjoy. They’ll enjoy their new home, lounging in the quiet. 

To make a scratching post, staple or glue old carpet on the side of the box, or use a material that your cat loves to dig their claws into. Sometimes, they even prefer using the bare cardboard!

For dogs, pick the size that works best for your pooch. Cut down the edges so they can easily get into it and make sure nothing is poking out. Put an old pillow or blanket on the bottom for their comfort. 

The best part? You can completely customize your pet’s new bed or den too! Break out the paint or colored markers to give it a fun new look. 

If you’re not looking to create something, you can stack the broken down boxes to keep your pet’s crate, kitty condo, or food off the floor. 

  1. Compost Those Old Boxes

If you’re into gardening, cardboard boxes make the perfect addition to your compost pile. It is a rich source or carbon with a good carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, which will help speed up the compost project and provides microorganisms with the nutrients and energy they need. 

You’ll have to cut the boxes into smaller pieces, as larger pieces break down slower. A heavy-duty shredder will quickly do the trick. 

Sprinkle the shredded cardboard over the top of your compost pile and gently turn it into your pile to combine it with other green materials. This will help prevent matting. 

  1. Transform Boxes Into Storage Bins

Why spend $20 on decorative storage boxes when you can make your own? Take the smaller moving boxes and cover them in decorative paper or wrapping paper. You can also paint them a fun color and add your own custom patterns. 

If you have fabric, you can easily sew it on the inside and outside of boxes to add a textured look or sheen. Be sure to decorate the top too! 

Once the boxes are complete, you can display them anywhere. No one will know it used to be an old moving box and you get the benefit of saving money and creating extra storage for yourself. These boxes are perfect for closets, under a coffee table, or in a craft room.

If you have a kid, they can use it as a toy box. Decorating their own larger box would be a fun craft project for them

  1. Convert Them Into Storage!

It sounds obvious, but the best way to reuse old boxes is to use them again. Assuming they’re in good shape, these boxes will be ideal storage for items you don’t want to display. Pack them just like you did when you were moving to condense everything in a neat and organized way. You can put them in your basement, attic or closet. They’re not the prettiest to look at, but they are functional and convenient! 


You can turn your old moving boxes into anything your imagination demands, from a fort, to a spaceship or decorative storage box. You can also donate them to friends who are moving or recycle them. Your friends at Albuquerque Self Storage thank you for choosing to reuse or recycle your boxes in a sustainable way. 

If you’re about to move and are looking for advice, check out Albuquerque Self Storage’s complete moving guide

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