Room Organization Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

Organization is a hard skill to learn and one that requires constant upkeep and thought. It can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t have the room for all of your things. Let us ease that burden with these room organization ideas. 

First, pick out a single room that needs help. Start small and take baby steps; organization is not always a task that only lasts an hour. 

For your bedroom, use the space you have wisely! This doesn’t mean cramming everything into your bedroom or closet. Utilize under your bed, if you can, and don’t combine your office with your bedroom if you can avoid it. Your bedroom should be exclusively for sleep and a place for you to recharge, not work.

If you are able, install shelving above lower-rising furniture or purchase a tall bookshelf or dresser to store items in and on top of. Invest in nightstands with storage capabilities too. 

If you have a tall window, consider putting a bench with shelves under it! You can decorate the bench with pillows and hide away anything you need stored underneath. It creates a functional pop of color for your bedroom so you don’t have to rely on your bed to sit on.

The biggest thing is to avoid leaving things half done. Finish the laundry, pick up your towels, pillows and blankets off the floor, and never leave dirty clothes out of the hamper. No one likes to clean up immediately, but doing so will prevent a mountain of chores from piling up. 

Closet Organization Tips

Assuming your closest isn’t big enough for a sofa or custom installations, the first thing you should do is clean out any older clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Donate what is in good condition and throw out any clothing that is torn, stained, or stretched out.  

The easiest way to maximize your closet space is to install wall shelves with brackets to hang things. Use these shelves for shoes and bulky items. Instead of hanging sweatshirts, consider rolling them and stacking them on the shelf. This will prevent sagging shoulders while opening up some valuable hanging space. 

While it may seem silly, organize your clothes by type and function. Put pants with pants, then put all of your work shirts together, then short-sleeved shirts, then long-sleeved shirts, and so on. This will save you time and make your closet look cleaner without you changing anything. Bonus points if you match them by color!

If you keep your shoes in your closet, stack them together. Shoes take up a lot of space, so try putting them side by side on the floor instead of tossing them aside. Do you remember how the shoes were oriented when you first took them out of the box? Mimic this to save you the maximum amount of closet space.

Bathroom Organization

This one can be tough, especially if your bathroom is smaller than 25 square feet. If you have cabinetry under the sink, use that for essentials that you want hidden: towels, toilet paper, and extra soap and toiletries. 

The key is maximizing every square inch of the room by adding shelving. Try a shelving unit over the toilet for extra towels and things you don’t mind storing out in the open. 

A shower caddy is perfect for additional space in your shower. It can hold your hair products, body wash, razors; whatever you need. 

Roll your towels instead of folding them. This makes them easier to grab, while taking up less space. If you have a linen closet, assign each shelf to a purpose. One for towels, one for beauty and hair products, and so on. 

Organize Your Kitchen

Perhaps the most used room of the house, the kitchen needs to be functional. While everyone has a system, it is important to keep similar dishes together. That means all of your mixing bowls in one cabinet, all of your pots and pans together, and all of your glassware in one spot. 

Bags take up less space than boxes in a pantry and fridge, so keep that in mind if you’re running out of room for food. It also gives you a chance to go through the food in your pantry and fridge and clean out anything that is expired or what you don’t use. 

If you own a lot of travel mugs, try storing them on their sides instead of standing them up. There are handy storage shelves to help keep them organized! Or if you have a lot of coffee mugs, install hangers to free up cabinet space. 

No Room? No Problem. 

Everyone has grown too large for their home or apartment at some point in their life. If you know you’re going to need a piece of furniture, clothing, holiday decorations, or kitchen utensils in the future, but just don’t have the space for them in your current living situation, consider self storage. 

Albuquerque Self Storage has you covered. They offer month-to-month units in a secure and lightened facility. All of the units are on the ground floor for easy transport. Nothing is too big, too small or too valuable for them to safely store. 

If you’re interested, contact Albuquerque Self Storage today. 

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