The Benefits of Self Storage

In today’s world, it can be tough to fit everything you own into a home or apartment, especially if you plan on moving. It is also increasingly difficult to stay on top of organization as your get older. You need other options, like renting a storage unit. Self Storage isn’t as daunting as you may initially believe. Once you have the unit, every part of the process is controlled by you.

Here are five key benefits of self storage companies. 

1. Easily Accessible When You Need It 

If you need to access what you’re storing, or if you know you’ll be adding to your unit as time goes on, don’t fret! Self storage units can be accessed at any time you need them. Some offer 24/7 support and security and others have ground-only access so you can easily transport your items. 

They’re also useful for those temporary residents. Say you’re a college student who lives in Colorado, but attends school in New Mexico. Consider taking items that you can’t fit in your dorm room, but will need during the year, and storing them with Albuquerque Self Storage. Or, if you know you’re going back to Colorado between semesters, you can use a storage unit to keep your stuff in New Mexico during your break. 

2. Frees Up Space

This one might be self explanatory, but a storage unit helps free up valuable space in your home, apartment or office. Say you just moved into a smaller place and don’t have room for or a need for your wardrobe. You don’t want to get rid of it, as it will provide valuable storage again when you move into a larger home. You can store it instead!

Or if your business is downsizing or upgrading equipment, consider moving some of the older desks and chairs into a storage unit so you have backups at all times. This removes clutter and can save your business money in the long run, as you won’t have to purchase more tables and chairs when new employees come in or when a new location is opened. 

3. It’s Affordable

If you’ve ever moved, you know how expensive it can be. The American Moving and Storage Association found that the average cost of an interstate household move (about 1,225 miles) is about $4,300 and the average cost of an intrastate move is about $2,300, at 4 movers priced at $200 per hour. 

If you’re someone who moves between two locations consistently, a storage unit can save you time and a considerable amount of money. Instead of moving, and donating and selling your items only to buy replacements when you move again, consider storing your items. 

If you don’t move a lot, but need extra space, then you’re in luck too. Storage units are relatively inexpensive – it’s less than $100 for a 5’x5’ and a 10’x15’, on average. 

4. It’s Secure

Almost every self storage company provides a well lit and gated facility for you to store your items. Many even offer 24/7 security and have camera surveillance. 

Every unit is protected by a padlock. 

If you’re worried about security, look for concrete and block constructions. These are harder to tamper with and are extremely durable. Additionally, you can check on your unit at any time you please. 

5. It’s Flexible 

You won’t be tied into a binding contract for six months; you get to pick how long you need the unit for. Some don’t even require an ‘end date” to the contract and instead ask for a notice of vacation up to a month prior to you moving out of the unit. That means self storage facilities are flexible to your schedule. 

For instance, Albuquerque Self Storage a month-to-month lease with no deposit and offers price reductions for long-term customers. If you’re ready to move out, they just ask for a 10-day notice. If you’re interested in using them for your self storage needs, contact Albuquerque Self Storage today

That, on top of 24/7 access to you unit, means everything is completely in your control. 

If self storage is right for you, do your research and find a reputable facility that fits your needs. Units can be indoor, outdoor, on the ground floor or on the third floor. The more you learn, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits and freedom that comes with self storage. 

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