How to Organize Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the first room many of us go to when we wake up. We brush our teeth, wash our face, and take a shower as we prepare ourselves for the day. It is clear they are essential. Bathrooms are, also, one of the smaller rooms in homes; this can make items in bathrooms impossible to find, let alone, try to organize.

We at Albuquerque Self Storage would love to offer some tips on how to organize your bathroom. 

Organize The Bathroom By Color

Imagine waking up and seeing a glimpse of morning light shining through your bedroom window and softly hitting your peach-colored bathroom walls. Automatically, you feel a sense of joy and peace.

Color is that powerful. It alone can invoke a feeling or mood without any effort. It is the first thing we notice about an object or room and defines how we feel about it. Color also adds an illusion of space: brighter colors make a small room feel more open, while dark colors draw your eye dramatically, but make the room feel smaller. For small bathrooms, painting your walls with soft colors like peach, mint green or light blue can make your bathroom feel cozy, clean and chic.

If you’re more drawn to dark tones, painting the walls a shade of black can give an overall sense of depth and sleekness. Adding black and white tiled floors, wallpaper, or an accent wall can also add character. A theme of black and white will make your bathroom look organized and will feel timeless.

Accents colors or patterns are other great ways to make bathrooms feel fresh. Metallic colors, such as silver or gold, are the perfect touch for any bathroom. A gold-framed mirror or silver drawer handles can add the right amount of contrast. For brighter-colored bathrooms, using bright patterned shower curtains, towels or rugs can liven up the space even more. If you’re bold, you can also mix a couple darker tones in with a light color palette as accent pieces.

Don’t forget the power of color coordination! If the children have a favorite color, you can use this as a way to separate and organize their toothbrushes, bathrobes, and towels. For example, if you have two laundry baskets, one can be for fresh towels, while the darker toned one is for dirty ones. This way they can easily find important items.

Organize Your Bathroom with Baskets

Baskets can be versatile in organizing bathrooms. Place them anywhere, from under the bathroom sink to around the bathtub or near the toilet as extra holders, for added storage space with decorative flair.  

Small metal or plastic baskets can be placed under sinks to neatly organize cleaning supplies or extra toiletries. Metal baskets are useful for bathtubs or showers because they will not retain water. You can use them as containers to hold shampoo and conditioner, body scrubs and loofahs or the children’s bathtub toys. Some even hang from the shower wall or shower head!

Wicker baskets have become a popular bathroom necessity. Aside from holding items, they can make bathrooms feel homey, spa-like or add a touch of the seaside to them. 

Smaller baskets can be used to hold make up or hair accessories like hair dryers. Medium-sized or larger wicker baskets can be used as laundry hampers or as placeholders for towels and washcloths. Rolling up your towels is  a great way to free up and use more space too!

Another idea for how to organize with wicker baskets is to add them on walls as shelving. Mount them above a toilet to store toilet paper or simply hang them around the bathroom for extra storage.

Organize Your Bathroom With Shelves

Bathrooms might be a small space but it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them! In fact, they might require a bit more of your creativity than other rooms.

One of the best ways to utilize bathroom walls is with shelves. They are easy to build, come in different forms and are perfect for organization. You can create built-in shelves near your bathtub or add corner shelves to your shower for extra storage. You can also give bathrooms a more artistic touch by placing flowers, artwork or plants, like succulents, on them. Not all shelves need to be mounted either! There are standing shelves that can go right over your toilet that are perfect for storing towels, toilet paper, candles, or whatever you want.

If you do not want to drill holes in your wall or want to utilize standing shelves, storage carts are a great option. For carts with open horizontal shelving, you can add baskets as a way to neatly hold your items. If you have guests staying over, you can place their bathroom supplies on a cart and simply roll it over for temporary storage. This way, you will not be fussing over how to organize or create space for them.   

Another great way to add shelves without drilling holes is by building your own! DIY projects, such as this leaning bathroom ladder, are charming yet efficient. You can easily place this above your toilet and adjust the shelving according to your height all without damaging the bathroom walls.


We know home-makeover projects can be a handful so we hope these tips provide you with some guidance as you renovate or simply reorganize your bathroom. If in the midst of renovating or reorganizing, you realize you need extra storage for certain items, Albuquerque Self Storage is always here to help. Just give us a call! We will gladly find the perfect storage solution that works for you.

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