Self Storage in Albuquerque for Filmmakers

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Welcome back to Albuquerque Self Storage’s Blog! Bet most people don’t think about Albuquerque when they think about filmmaking, but with some really, well, incentivizing tax incentives New Mexico has managed to snag the attention of independent and big-name production studios alike. Netflix alone is planning on spending $1 billion dollars just in the next decade and we’d like to help our local creative community streamline their work with safe, convenient, and affordable storage options. 

Hollywood to Storage in Albuquerque

Great, that’s cool and all, but what does that have to do with us, a storage facility? Glad you asked. So, the tax credit works largely to make it appealing to production companies to hire local, and with Netflix buying a studio here just a few years back, it just really highlights how New Mexico has become a real hotspot when it comes to new productions. Breaking Bad was one of a kind back when it was first shot here in 2008, but our familiar desert landscape is popping up in more and more films (think The Avengers) as creating content here now carries an industry-wide appeal. Whether you’re an established filmmaker or just starting out, looking at below the line costs is the same concern from Albuquerque to L.A., and we’re here to make storage easy and economical so you can just focus on the work. Self storage in Albuquerque for filmmakers has never made more sense. 

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Self Storage Organization

Trite but true, time is money. We understand the importance of scheduling, and of having what you need centrally located and easy to access when you need it so that precious time isn’t needlessly wasted driving back and forth between shooting locations. Whether you’re setting up to shoot an industrial commercial, or getting ready for an independent feature, equipment is equipment and it can be overly cumbersome to try to store it all in a car, garage, house, or a warehouse. Save yourself the time and the hassle by storing any production overflow with us, where it’s easy to access, and easier to organize within the unit. With all the film’s equipment stored in a single, central location, it makes the job that much easier for the crew to organize and coordinate themselves. The crew can get what they need when they need it once they have access, so there are no worries about a single person being responsible for lugging equipment you don’t even need for the day to your location.  

Self Storage Made Safe and Simple

We offer clean, secure, climate-controlled options that will keep your equipment protected, and safe from the heat. Climate controlled storage is going to be between 55 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect range for sensitive and expensive equipment. Even beyond equipment, it can be ideal to use climate-controlled options when storing delicate wardrobe items and props that could otherwise be damaged by dust, bugs, or pests. Temperature and humidity regulation discourages pests and bugs, and best ensures the integrity of delicate equipment and costumes. It is recommended to rent a climate-controlled unit rather than an outside storage unit to protect such sensitive items from the heat. In addition to offering temperature controlled units, our units are fenced, well-lit, and have controlled access during operating hours to keep your property safe and your film running smoothly. 

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Self Storage Renting With Us

We understand the volatile nature of creative work, and we know that nowadays while dealing with the reality of the pandemic money can be hard to come by sometimes. That’s why we’re happy to remind our filmmaking community that we offer month-to-month rentals, so we can be as flexible as the industry has to be. We are here to help you when you need it, be that short or long term storage of your gear, set pieces, or wardrobes. We have an array of unit sizes to select from so that you can best optimize the space that meets your needs–so drop us a line when you’re getting ready for your next project, we’d love to be apart of a little silver screen magic.  

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