Tips for Moving in the Fall

Moving in the Fall

There is no better time to move than in the fall: the weather is cooler, the sun is bright, and the prices are often comparably lower than the rest of the year. But, as nice as all of this sounds, moving in the fall still does come with some challenges. Here at Albuquerque Self Storage, we want you to be ready for everything and anything so your move goes as smoothly as possible. 

Before You Move

Before you move in the fall, tackle these vital steps. 

Take Advantage of Lower Moving Costs

Moving in the fall is usually much more affordable as the summer rush is over and there are more crews and trucks available. It’s the old economics strategy of supply and demand — the demand for moving is lower, therefore the price will be lowered to help reduce the supply of movers. 

Whether renting a truck or hiring a full moving team, this typically means you have a greater ability to cost-compare and negotiate on moving estimates and bids. So be sure to shop around, and perhaps do a little digging online about cost-comparisons between the summer and fall.

Declutter from Summer

The best part about moving in the fall is that it allows you to store out of season furniture, decorations, clothes, and beach gear without the hassle. All you need to do is mark the box for storage and you won’t have to worry about unpacking it until next year.

It also allows you the chance to do some spring cleaning in the fall: if there are old cold-weather clothing items you or your family have grown out of, consider donating those before the colder weather hits.

As an added bonus, you can take all of your fall and winter things out of storage with ease, as they should already be in boxes and marked as a priority to unpack. 

Turn On Your New Home’s Utilities

This may seem like an obvious step, but ensure your new home has gas, water, electricity, and internet is set up before moving. You’re going to want to be prepared for the warmer days and cooler nights and even one day without a working HVAC system can turn any move into a nightmare. 

Put Down Plastic During Your Move

The fall is a little more messy than the summer: there are more leaves on the ground, potentially more mud, and more moisture. It would be prudent to lay down plastic for the movers to step on when they enter your old home and your new home. 

An easy way to do this is to buy plastic painter’s sheeting, or cut open large black trash bags and tape to entryways and other pathways. When you arrive at your destination, be sure the movers wait for you to lay down more plastic before unloading your items. Or you can choose to arrive early to prepare your new place before the movers arrive. 

Moving During Fall

During the move, there are a few things to remember too, such as daylight. Days are starting to get shorter, which means there will be more sun early in the morning and less at night. Some fall nights get dark around 6 p.m., so be sure you’re planning ahead and moving when the sun is up, or making sure lights are turned on and flashlights are available if you’re moving later in the day. 

Clear Pathways Before Big Furniture is Moved In

When it comes to moving in the fall, the biggest hazards are the leaves and puddles on the ground. Wet leaves can be extremely slippery and this can be dangerous, especially when moving large objects. When you’re laying down plastic, take the extra time to sweep off your walkway and porch to ensure your movers won’t slip on anything. 

Dress for the Weather

Fall temperatures can be volatile — you may need a sweater in the morning and a tank top in the afternoon heat, and sweatpants at night. Be sure to check the temperature the day before and dress in removable layers, just in case. 

Take What You Don’t Need Into Storage

When you’re packing the moving truck, put everything you need to store offsite together and keep them together. This way, you or the movers can easily take the boxes down to your basement or storage unit without any fuss. If you need a storage unit, do your research on if you need a climate controlled unit or on how to store out of season clothing properly

When you’re ready to shop, check us out at Albuquerque Self Storage. We offer month-to-month contracts, so you can use it when you need it and move out of it when you’re ready to go. To keep it easy, many of them only require a 10 day notice before you leave your unit. And we don’t require a deposit!

That means we’re the perfect storage solution for all your seasonal yard decorations, patio furniture, and holiday party stuff! 

You don’t have to worry about security either — our storage units are safe. Albuquerque Self Storage, has a well lit and gated facility for you to store your items and every unit is protected by a padlock. 

If you’re interested in using us for your self storage needs, contact us today.

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