How a Storage Unit Can Help Your New Year’s Resolution

storage unit

You read the title and you may be thinking “how can a storage unit help me with my new year’s resolution?” We’ll tell you! While a storage unit can’t help you find a job, or chance your diet, it can help you lose weight, get organized, improve your relationship, and more!

Here’s how:

Losing Weight

A storage unit can help you lose weight in two unconventional ways. The first is by allowing you to create room for a home gym. A storage unit has plenty of space for your spare bedroom’s furniture, or for your storage that takes up room in the basement. You can use the now free space in your home to set up a home gym or a piece of equipment that will help you lose weight. 

The second way is that moving into and out of a storage unit is exercise! This is especially true if you plan on moving things in and out of your unit frequently. 

Storage Units Help You Get Organized

This one doesn’t need much explanation. You don’t need to donate, sell or trash some of your items to get organized. Sometimes, you just need a bigger space and need a good place to keep everything before you can move into a bigger home or apartment. A storage unit is the perfect solution for this. 

You can also donate and sell what’s in the unit, without it being in your home. Simply list the stuff you have for sale and collect it from the unit when it’s time to go to its new home.

Or is your closest overflowing? Instead of donating your seasonal outfits, store them

No room/need for your home office right now? Don’t sell that desk and chair quite yet — store them. You never know when you’ll need extra office equipment or if you’ll need to work from home again in the future. 

Improve Your Relationship

This one seems convoluted, but bear with us. If your significant other just moved in (or you’re talking about living together), then you know how difficult it can be to make your place feel like their place too. Instead of selling your things to make room for theirs — or making them get rid of a ton of things — sit down together and talk about what you both need and don’t need in your shared space.

You don’t need to donate, sell, or trash the items that you both agreed on leaving behind — you can store them! After all, it’s likely that you’ll be moving into a larger place in the future and might need some extra furniture, dishes, blankets, electronics, and other items to fill the space. 

If the worst happens and your living arrangement doesn’t work out, neither of you need to feel bad about giving up any of your items. They’ll all be waiting for you in a storage unit. 

This may seem silly, but it can save you both a lot of stress in the future and guilt of having your significant other get rid of their TV or their perfectly fine headboard simply because you don’t need it right away. 

Remodel Your Home (Or Redecorate)

If you like to change up your home, but just don’t have the space for everything you’ve bought, a storage unit is a great alternative. You can keep all of your old and usable furniture until you move into a bigger space, or you can use it to create new looks when you get bored of your current one. 

If you’re remodeling, you can keep all of your furniture out of harm’s way by storing it temporarily. Many companies, such as Albuquerque Self Storage offer month-to-month contracts, so you don’t have to worry about getting locked into a long-term agreement. You can also keep new appliances, tiles, and tools in the unit! This way, they’re not in your home until you need them. 

If you need a storage unit, Albuquerque Self Storage has you covered. All of our units are accessible by car and moving truck for ease of use. That means no stairs, no elevators, no sweat! Because we’re located right off of I-40 too, that means less stress for you.

We are also a gated facility that provides security locks, and has 24/7 security onsite. If you’re ready to take the leap into 2021, give us a call. We’re ready to accommodate you and get you the unit that you need to stake the new year by storm. 

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