Creative Storage Solutions for Your Home

Storage Solutions

No matter if you own a home, rent, or live with your family, you will always need a way to store your belongings. After all, sometimes the floor just isn’t enough room and that’s okay! We at Albuquerque Self Storage are all about creative storage solutions for your home so you can declutter, get organized, and love the space you’re in. 

Use Up Wall Space

The key to using up wall space is understanding that there is a place for everything and everything needs to be in its place. Each item in your house should have its own home. Walls are a great place to start when it comes to storage solutions. We’re not just talking shelves either! There are so many other creative ways to store your belongings! 

For instance, your pantry and garage are perfect places for pegboards. You can hang baskets, measuring spoons, utensils, and tools from them with ease. The best part? Placement is completely customizable! Brooms and rakes won’t need to rest on the floor, and your tools will always be within arms reach. In the pantry, imagine hanging a labeled wicker basket that holds plastic cutlery or napkins, little pockets for your spices, or a nice display of your pans, spoons, and other items that don’t fit nicely into drawers. 

Of course, you can also utilize shelving for larger kitchen appliances too! 

Hanging baskets and pegboards are great for kids’ rooms as well. You can customize the baskets to have chalkboard labels for a fun look too! Your kids can put their toys, shoes, schoolwork, or whatever their need is in these baskets and know that this is where things need to go when they’re done with them. It helps keep the clutter off the floor and out of the closet! 

Bonus: it also makes it so much easier to find things when everything has its own place on the wall. Items like sunglasses, car keys, hats, scarves, gloves, and things that generally don’t have a designated space can finally have one with this pegboard and basket idea! 

Storage Beds

Some beds are built for storage. If you don’t have a large room, or are lacking closet space, a storage bed is perfect. There are so many different types too: beds with drawers built in under them, beds with storage hidden inside the headboard, and beds with built-in shelving. 

Beds with built-in drawers are amazing for storage. Imagine a long dresser that only has one-tier of shelves, then throw a mattress on top of it. That’s essentially what these are, though they’re more comfortable and very well designed. 

If you want more surface space, some beds have shelves built into their headboards

Or, you can purchase temporary storage for under your bed too! There are so many innovative solutions that you can simply push under your bed, and pull out when you need them. They’re perfect for shoes, accessories, blankets, and clothing. Just be warned if you have a cat — they love to snuggle up on top or in these! 

Furniture With Storage

Think beyond bookcases and coffee tables for storage options. We’re talking hidden storage compartments for bulkier items, like blankets, pillows, and things you don’t necessarily want to display, like extra outdoor wear or extra household items. 

For instance, an ottoman that doubles as a chest is a wonderful and creative storage solution for any living room. It gives you just the right amount of room to store throw pillows, blankets, games, or movies in it! Anything you don’t want on the media stand or near the TV can go inside of it and you’ll never have to worry about it again!

Chests are also a fun look for any room, with the dual purpose of storing items. In the living room, they’re great for games and entertainment items. In the office, they’re amazing for files and office supplies, or sewing supplies! In the bedroom, they’re perfect for bulkier items or things you don’t use that much, such as costumes. The best part is that chests can be tucked away or prominently displayed — however you want to display them, you can! 

Other options are always file cabinets for the office, and anything with drawers, including side tables, TV stands, coffee tables, and dressers. 

Try a Storage Unit

There are obviously some items that you just can’t store away in your home. When that happens, you may have to consider donating, selling, or storing items off site. If you do need to store them offsite, we recommend looking into a storage unit as an affordable and temporary solution — at least until you have the room for the item in your home again.

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