How to Live in a Studio (Apartment Storage Solutions!)

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Living in an apartment can be difficult when it comes to fitting all of your stuff inside. A studio makes it all the harder. So we at Albuquerque Self Storage wanted to provide you with some ideas for apartment storage solutions. 

Firstly, what is a studio apartment? It’s a smaller apartment with no distinct rooms, other than a kitchen, closet and bathroom. It’s basically an open concept, where your bedroom flows into your living room (or shares the same space). So how do you find any storage in there? Here are our tips. 

Create the Illusion of a Bedroom 

Some studios have spaces that are offset from the rest of the apartment, meaning they can be blocked off by a curtain. Others, well, they’re just one giant room. And that’s okay! There are creative ways you can separate your bedroom from your living area using apartment storage solutions. 

Use a shelving unit, traditional room divider, or a standing clothes rack to create a divider between the spaces. If you use a room divider, pick one that can double as a hanging rack, or a peg board! This way, you can still store things vertically without using up precious wall or floor space. 

As a bonus, this creates the illusion of a bedroom, so you can have more privacy when you’re sleeping. Or, if you’re working from home, you won’t have to worry about showing off your bed during Zoom calls. 

If you can’t divide the bed off using a divider, the following tips can help:

  • Make your bed every morning. This simple step is a fast way to make your entire space feel less cluttered or chaotic.
  • Anchor your bed on an area rug. A rug is an inexpensive way to divide a space visually without taking up any vertical space. Make sure the rug is the right size for your bed.
  • Consider a Murphy bed. If you can’t stand seeing your bed during the day, look into some transitional furniture like a daybed or murphy bed.

Pick A Furniture Layout Based On Your Lifestyle

When it comes to a studio apartment, furniture layout is key. You’ll want to maximize your space without encroaching on your lifestyle. Think about it this way: 

  • Do you need to work in this space? 
    • If yes, then make a work area a priority over something else, such as a kitchen table. A desk can double as an eating space, or you can find a fold-away option to install.
  • Realistically, how many people will I have over for get-togethers? 
  • Is there some functionality you could give up to make your studio seem more streamlined?

Create a space where you can hang out with friends, watch TV, and work on your laptop. Think of design, space, and efficiency, more than design. When you’re in a bigger space, you can focus on larger statement pieces. For now, function and comfort are going to be your best friends. 

For example, use wall shelving instead of buying a bookshelf. Use a TV stand with ample storage, and a desk that can fold away when you don’t need it. Instead of a bulk couch, opt for a smaller loveseat or a couple of arm chairs. 

Minimize Clutter Zones

You don’t need a lot of square footage to designate a drop zone for coats, shoes, keys, and mail. With a few hooks and a tiny coat rack, you can utilize wall space and get easy studio apartment organization. 

Is your bed a disaster zone? Clean it up and hide away the clutter. An ottoman bed is a great option for this. It’s a bed that lifts up to reveal hidden storage. You can also opt for a dresser bed, which has drawers built in underneath. If those are too out of your budget, you can purchase under-the-bed storage drawers too! They just slide in and out for easy access. 

You can also look for headboards with built in, or hidden shelves! 

Storage cubbies are a great alternative for TV stands, night stands, and general use. You can add color to them with storage bins, texture with wicker baskets, or leave them open! They can be stacked and are amazing at saving floor space. 

Additionally, don’t forget to think vertically! Walls aren’t just for art. Install shelves, clothing hooks, purse hooks, and create a functional accent wall that holds things you don’t have room for in your closet. Peg boards are great for this too — put  little baskets in them with labels for miscellaneous stuff that need a home, like tools, towels, and cords. 

Behind the door hangers are great for towels, robes, and coats too. 

If you have room in your kitchen, a rolling island is a convenient way to get more counter space without having to worry about clutter. You can store things in it and move it out of your way with ease. 

Those are our tips for studio apartment storage. We hope this helps you!

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