How Big is a 5X5 Storage Unit Really?

When it comes to needing more storage everyone will tell you they needed it yesterday. What most don’t fully understand is just how much space they need. There are a lot of reasons to utilize self-storage. You could need more space for personal belongings that just don’t quite fit in at your home, a place for extra office equipment, or long-term vehicle storage. Whatever your reason for needing storage may be, understanding unit sizes and what will work best for your items is pivotal to getting the most out of your storage unit. We put together this brief guide to help you begin your storage unit research.

Decide What You Need to Store in a 5×5 Storage Unit

Whether you’re working with a 5×5 storage unit or 15×20, your space will fill up before you know it and you may still have more left to store. Don’t catch yourself in this predicament and plan ahead by writing out a comprehensive list of what you need to fit into your unit. 

After you created your list, do your best to estimate the amount of space all of those items combined will require. It helps to measure out the bigger items. You can even find apps on your phone to help you with this! Once you’ve determined the size, it’s time to decide what will work best for your budget as well as your time. Remember, moving never happens instantly: you’ll need to leave some room in your schedule to move into your unit!. 

We’ll make it easy for you: a 5×5 unit is pretty small — most bedrooms are larger than this! They’re ideal for storing a small office with one desk, seasonal items, and boxes. If you need to store bedroom furniture, you’re going to need a 6×11 or a 10×10 at the minimum. 

Typically the smallest unit size is 5 feet by 5feet and increases in size depending on the facility. We at Albuquerque Self Storage have compiled a list of our indoor and outdoor unit sizes with suggestions of what types of items are best stored in them.  

How Do You Need to Store Your Items? 

All types of items need to be stored and can require certain elements to be stored properly. By creating the list of what you need to store you can more easily determine the type of storage that will best suit your needs. A few good questions to answer are: 

  1. What’s the best dimension option for my budget? 
  2. Do my items need climate control? 
  3. Do I want to be able to drive up to my unit or is an enclosed facility preferred? 
  4. Am I okay with a unit that’s packed like a can of sardines or do I want to be able to move around the unit or have additional space ready to store more items in the future? 

These are just a few questions to help you on your journey but they can make a big impact on what you get out of your self-storage solution. 

Whether you’re storing your collection of seasonally themed sweaters or a few large appliances for your next home, Albuquerque Self Storage is happy to help! We can provide both indoor and outdoor storage unit solutions to fit your needs. However, our units do not have climate control so keep that in mind if you need to store items that are sensitive to temperature. 

Call us today and speak with one of our storage professionals about finding the right solution for you.  

Review and Compare Units and Facilities

As with any investment, it’s good to get at least a few different prices from different storage facilities to compare. Take into consideration your answers to the questions above as you review pricing too. Amenities you might want but don’t necessarily need might impact the cost of a unit so it’s good to get a lay of the land before you commit to a contract.  

Speaking of contracts, you’ll want to determine if the facility you want to use requires contracts and deposits upfront. For example, at Albuquerque Self Storage we do not require a deposit and offer month-to-month contracts. This helps our customers stay in control of their storage solutions and makes it easy for them to come and go as they need. Speak with one of our storage professionals today and learn more about why our customers continue to return to Albuquerque Self Storage.  

Finally, search for and review any customer feedback the facilities might have received online or through a certified organization such as the Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce. These comments can provide valuable insight into how well a facility is run and can influence your decision. Be on the lookout for comments regarding security and the state of the facility. Comments that detail an ill-kept storage facility can be an indicator for other major issues that could be deal breakers. 

Call Ahead and Reserve your Unit

More and more people are utilizing the benefits of self-storage which means that available units can often be few and far between. Once you’ve decided what size storage unit, we strongly encourage you to either call and reserve your unit or book your reservation online if the option is available. 

So, even though a 5×5 storage unit may only be 25 square feet of storage space, the possibilities of how you fill it are endless. Happy storing!

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