Home Office Storage Ideas: Creating the Perfect Post-Pandemic Home Office Workspace

Welcome back to another entry on the Albuquerque Self Storage Blog! Today’s post will focus on home office storage solutions. Specifically, we will look at updating and organizing the home office workspace you quickly threw together during the pandemic. Since the slower pace of summer presents the perfect time to optimize this workspace, grab a lemonade, sit back, and enjoy these home office storage/organization ideas and helpful tips. Get ready to create the functional and productive home office environment of your dreams.

So, are you feeling nostalgic about lockdown yet? Come on, just a little? Although our lives were turned upside down, we did benefit from many positive life lessons. Many of us grew to love working from home, but setting up a productive workspace was challenging. Tired of trying to fit a laptop amid random papers and sticky notes, maybe you realized that your messy workspace was greatly slowing your productivity.

Do you remember the night before your first Zoom meeting? Maybe you were frantically attempting to clean out the clutter in your home office, which resulted in a heaping pile of items to relocate around your already stuffed home. Look around your current home workspace. Are you faced with a similar conundrum of clutter? Well, allow me to share how to tackle this problem. 

Step #1: Rethink Your Home Office Storage Space

Let’s start by looking at the physical location you have selected to be your dedicated home office workspace. Is it reasonably quiet and free of distractions? If you could, would you select another space? Well, the solution of self storage gives you flexibility to rethink your home office space. In other words, you are free to think outside the box.

It’s okay if you don’t have a spare room. You can transform and repurpose any unused space in your house (no matter how small) into a home office space. If you think the corner of your kitchen is the most quiet, don’t be afraid to repurpose that space. Or maybe your back guest room isn’t getting as much use anymore. Go ahead and repurpose that room.

Also consider some of these forgotten spaces: an unused nook, a corner of your bedroom, a passageway, or the space next to your sofa. If you have an extra room, go ahead and consider the spare bedroom—any space becomes a possibility with the solution of self storage.

Once you’ve made your selection, self storage allows you to easily keep the furniture or décor you clean out of the space, and securely store your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit. This gives you the freedom of utilizing your home space for functional purposes.

When you are brainstorming about the best place in your home to create a home office space, make your choice based on where there are the least distractions. Choose an environment that allows you to be more focused and increase your productivity. The space you choose will vary based on your household.

Once you have cleared out the workspace, take the time to consider making this a multipurpose space. For instance, is your home office big enough to double as an exercise room? If yes, you could plan to organize your office in a way that optimizes the space. Begin by making piles of essential and nonessential items. By housing your nonessential items in a storage unit, you can free up much needed space without going through the process of deciding what to keep, donate, or sell. Don’t need that bookshelf but want to put your Peloton in your office, a storage unit gives you the option to use the space in a way that best suits your needs at the moment.

Step #2: Consider Decor and Furniture for the Space

When picking out furniture for your home office space, consider selecting pieces that will make the space feel more expansive. To accomplish this, consider low profile furniture which will make the room appear more spacious. Although you may love your current desk, it might be too big to be in the center of the space. To combat this, use self storage for the larger desk, and try placing two smaller desks side-by-side against the same wall. This frees up the center of the room, giving it a more spacious appearance. 

If you know that you will be sitting at your desk for a prolonged period of time, you might want to invest in an adjustable standing desk. This not only makes your office ergonomic, but also increases comfort and efficiency. A standing desk also has significant health benefits, such as lowering the risk of weight gain, lowering risk of heart disease, and reducing back pain. 

Another way you can completely transform your space is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Repainting is an inexpensive way to freshen up the room and make it appear new. When selecting a color, consider hues that promote creativity and productivity. If you are looking to stimulate your mind, select a shade of blue that will help to increase your focus and efficiency. A blue-grey color scheme is perfect for corporate professionals and creates a productive environment. If you are looking to get your creativity flowing, you might consider the color yellow to stimulate positivity and happiness. 

Consider stretching your dollar by purchasing a used table (or repurpose a current table), instead of investing in a new desk. If you are a fan of distressed furniture but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, you can do it yourself at home. All you need is a couple cans of different colored paint, a few sheets of sandpaper, and some polyurethane sealant. Utilizing this technique, you can create an entirely new look in your home office.

Step #3: Take Steps to Increase Your Efficiency

The first step you can take to increase your efficiency when setting up the office is having your tools on hand before you start the project. Take a few minutes to go through your existing toolbox and take inventory, making special note of the supplies that you will need to purchase. This will not only help you save money by eliminating unnecessary spending, but it will also increase your efficiency when putting together the space.

Speaking of tools, take an inventory of all your current office supplies. Do you have boxes of school/office supplies you picked up on sale last year shoved up on a shelf somewhere? Now is the time to organize these office essentials to save time and money later.

Another step you can take to increase your efficiency is to consider making your home office a multipurpose room. A multipurpose room also helps you save space in your home, while providing the opportunity to get more use out of a singular space. Having your office double as an exercise room can improve productivity and creativity while you move, stretch, and change up your environment. Don’t be afraid to take that sleeper sofa that no one uses out of the back room, store it, and invest in some preowned exercise equipment. 

Lastly, if you are looking to increase your efficiency rate while in your home office, lighting is essential. Consider setting up your home office in a location that has a lot of natural light or windows to help you stay alert and energized. You may also consider offloading extra clutter into a storage unit which will allow you to put your larger furniture (sofas, desks) away from the window.


When designing your dream home office, it is important to design it in a manner that is most comfortable and practical for you. Also, if you are looking around your space and feel like you just don’t have enough room, invest in a self storage unit. Self storage units are affordable, easy to access, and a great place to store unneeded items or decorations that are out of season or that you would potentially like to reuse in the future. So, while you have the time this summer, get to work designing the home office of your dreams.

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