The Most Creative Garage Remodeling Ideas

Welcome back to another entry on the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! Today’s blog will focus on some easy garage remodeling projects that you can complete this summer. Now that we have emerged from quarantine, and are welcoming friends and family into our homes again, it is the perfect time to celebrate by creating that bonus room you have always dreamed of—the ultimate game room, art studio, or exercise room to help you energize and relax.

Don’t have an extra room in your house? Not a problem, because we’re talking garage remodels! The goal is to repurpose a portion of your current garage space, creating the bonus room you always wanted but never had space for. This blog takes away all of the guesswork and provides you with the tips you need to get started. Let’s go!

Outdoor Storage: Cleaning Out and Refreshing Your Garage Space

Begin by clearing everything out of your garage. This may sound overwhelming, but it is an important part of the process because it allows you to take inventory. Set aside large equipment and stuff you don’t need on hand regularly—these will be the things you bring to self storage.

Consider making a pile of items to donate as well. By relocating your bulky, nonessential items to self storage, you will open up endless possibilities. Albuquerque Self Storage offers a wide array of outdoor storage units, specifically designed for those big outdoor items: ATVs, boats, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, yard equipment, or any clutter currently lurking around your garage. 

While your garage space is empty, give it a thorough, deep cleaning.

Next, plan which section of your garage space you will repurpose and which section will be designated for your garage essentials. Before you place those essentials back, consider the overall aesthetics of the space. This is the perfect time to give the overall area a fresh look. This can be accomplished through a few easy-to-complete, cost effective projects like repainting walls and floor covering options (DIY epoxy, interlocking tiles, roll-out vinyl or concrete sealer).

Depending on what bonus space you will be designing, additional lighting might be necessary. Consider installing ceiling fans with light kits to give you some nice air movement.  

Garage Remodeling Project 1: The Exercise Room

Having a home exercise room is convenient, saves time, and gives you the freedom to exercise in privacy when it’s optimal for you. The cost of exercise equipment can be intimidating, but you don’t have to break the bank to get in shape. Pre-owned gym equipment is readily available from local businesses and from sites such as OfferUp, NextDoor, eBay, or Craigslist. Another option is to purchase smaller, more cost effective and easily storable equipment, such as resistance bands, a yoga mat, yoga ball, or a weight set. These items are relatively inexpensive and are a great home workout equipment option. 

Let’s discuss decorating the exercise room space. Garage gym mirrors are the perfect addition to enhance the size of the area, as well as providing a method for you to check out your form and posture while exercising. These mirrors can be professionally purchased and installed. Check out your local glass company for pricing.

To reduce the cost, consider buying several framed wall mirrors from Target, Walmart, or Craigslist and hanging them side-by-side. Home Depot also sells large vanity mirrors in many shapes and sizes. To complete the space, install wall-mounted shelving for towel storage and consider adding a mini fridge.

Remodel Project 2: Art Studio

Why not use the extra space you freed up in the garage as the perfect place to try your hand at acrylic pouring! Actually, setting up this space is easy and inexpensive. First, consider coating the floor with an epoxy finish. You want something that is nonporous and easy to clean. Next, look at your lighting. Does your garage have windows with adequate natural light, or will you need to bring in additional lamps? For a work space, check used furniture stores or resale sites for used kitchen tables. 

Your art room will need adequate storage for your supplies. If the space is not conditioned, some supplies may need to be stored indoors. Home Depot sells a variety of wall mounted shelving that you can customize for your specific needs. This is a great option if you want to preserve your floor space, but still need to keep your supplies/tools close at hand. Wall décor is important for this space. You can add framed pieces of your art, pictures of art/nature, or anything that inspires you. 

Remodel Project 3: Game Room

This project is great if you have a bunch of kids, grandchildren, or friends that frequently visit. During COVID, we all came to appreciate coming together with friends and family, as well as the value of staying home and coming up with entertainment ideas that are affordable and don’t require any travel. A DIY game room is the perfect way to satisfy your Dave and Buster’s craving without spending hundreds of dollars at a time.

Your first step, as mentioned above, is to deep clean your garage. This will give you a better idea of how much space you have, what you need to purchase, and what items you can repurpose. Next, you should see what items you already own, and what can be moved to the new game room.

For example, consider displaying all of your board games on a bookshelf, or hanging up some of your favorite art pieces that are currently in storage. Simple wall décor will transform the space. Painting a mural, or buying a personalized wall decal is an affordable way to give your game room a major upgrade and impress your guests. 

To make the ultimate game room, you might consider purchasing some pre-owned game equipment, such as a pool table, dart board, foosball or ping pong table. These fun game tables can add a lot of character to your game room and provide hours of entertainment. If you want to cool or heat your garage, you may want to add AC. If you are not going to add AC, you can take some of the steps that were mentioned above, such as installing ceiling fans, or a convection heater. You may also consider adding outdoor tables that will withstand temperature changes, such as an outdoor pool table or outdoor ping pong table.


These three garage remodeling projects are ideas that will help spark your creativity as you begin to craft your ultimate bonus room. Really, the sky’s the limit when designing the bonus room of your dreams. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a stunning space. By taking the first step, and cleaning out the clutter and seldom-used items in your garage, you will be better equipped to determine what you can repurpose and what items you should store in an outdoor storage unit. Thanks for reading, and happy remodeling!

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