Easing Life Transitions with a Self Storage Unit

Hello, and welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! Today’s blog will focus on ways that a self storage unit can help ease stress during those transitional periods that we all experience on the journey of life. 

Young or old, we all go through times of change—moving away from home for college, getting a spare bedroom ready for a new addition to the family, or downsizing after retirement into a smaller home or apartment. During these transitional periods, we face the challenge of needing to clear out our old stuff to make room for the new. Letting go of memories is difficult—you feel like you are losing a bit of your past during these times of change. If you are facing this dilemma, we want to offer a better way to keep all those memories as you move to a different season in your life. Consider the solution of a self storage unit, and follow the tips suggested in this blog.

Self Storage Unit Solution

Some of you reading this blog may be skeptical. You may be ready to part ways with a couple of items, or plan to shove those treasured family memories in a spare closet. You might even rationalize that they aren’t really taking up that much space. Well, no matter how many times you tell yourself this, you know the truth: your homes can only hold so much. If you’re someone who has trouble throwing away, donating, or passing items of importance on to different members of the family, then transitional periods are probably harder for you.

Do you have boxes that were never opened after your last move? Imagine having more room and the ability to optimize the space in a manner that satisfies your current needs. The good news is that self storage units provide us the opportunity to fulfill this dream. A self storage unit is the perfect way to ease stressful transitional periods, no matter who you are or where you are in life. So come along for the ride as we discuss the ways that a self storage unit can help you relax and approach your next chapter with a smile (and some extra storage space).

New Home Buyers

For those of you who have just bought your first home, or are transitioning out of an apartment, you might be thinking, “Look at all this space! I will never fill it up.” Well, we can tell you that stuff accumulates much easier and sooner than you think. Buying a home should be an exciting time, especially as you are looking for items that will make your new living space more comfortable and appease your personal style preferences.

If you’re living with your partner for the first time, you may have discovered that your tastes clash, or that you now have duplicate pieces of furniture. Instead of arguing over who gets to keep their sofa or coffee table, consider storing those items temporarily in a self storage unit. This provides you with the option of utilizing the item if you move into a larger house, find that your furniture just isn’t enough to fill your needs on its own, or eventually decide that the item is no longer necessary, and it is time to donate or sell.

New Parents

First off, we would all like to extend our sincerest congratulations to you. When you begin this wonderful journey, one of the most exciting preparations can be designing your nursery. As you face the journey of converting that room into the perfect space for your little bundle of joy, consider some important points. 

Along with buying new furniture and toys, you are probably witnessing your home storage space vanish right before your eyes. With everything going on in your life, the last thing you want to worry about is where you can relocate the guest bed and dresser in your already packed house. This is why a self storage unit is such a great option for new parents! It lets you keep the guest room furniture for your kids when they get older. Always think ahead to give more value to their current furniture, otherwise they may just sell it to save money.

In the future, consider storing your crib, changing table, and other baby furniture too. That way, you don’t have to start fresh for baby #2!

 Empty Nesters

For all of you empty nesters out there, we hope you are reveling in your newfound freedom. The kids have moved out on their own or are off to college. You finally now have time to focus on you! Even better, you have the opportunity to turn their bedroom into that dream room you’ve always wanted. 

When repurposing the room, remember to transform the space into something that will bring you joy. Consider a craft room or an art studio to help fulfill your creative side! Maybe you envision an exercise room to help you energize and stay healthy. Or maybe you need a designated office space. However your dream room takes shape, a self storage unit is a great option to store those precious memories your children left behind (and are expecting you to keep). Go ahead, make your house functional for this new phase of your life. Here’s to new hobbies, interests, and adventures!

Taking the Leap

Admittedly, any monumental life transitional phase is tough and can cause unnecessary stress. In life, there are many things that we wish we had control over but simply just don’t. That’s why the little things that we do have control over are important. Oftentimes, creating home organization and peaceful, useful spaces makes us feel better about the chaos we can’t control. Getting a self storage unit to assist with life transitions can help us cope with and conquer what’s ahead. Enjoy your journey!

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