Unique Kids Toys Storage Unit Ideas

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How many of you remember the clean up song from your childhood? The one that goes, “clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!” As a parent, maybe you have passed down this song to your children as a creative and engaging way to teach them foundational organizational skills and make clean up fun.

We all know that nothing stays clean very long with young kids. If you have children, clutter is a part of your daily life. Ask any parent who knows the pain of stepping on a LEGO! If you’re tired of looking at piles of toys, longing for ideas on how to keep your children occupied, and yearning for a mess-free home, then give these imaginative toy storage ideas a try.

Idea #1: Stuffed Animal Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears oh my! You no longer need to go to the zoo to see the animals, now all you have to do is take a trip with your child to their bedroom, with this unique toy storage idea. Instead of throwing your kid’s stuffed toys in a closet, or having them accumulate in their room or playroom, try making a stuffed animal zoo.

If you aren’t a skilled carpenter or don’t have the time to construct your own, you can buy a premade animal zoo off of Etsy.

Or you can go this route: buy a storage cube and wire baskets. These affordable bins are great because you can reuse them to store other household items when your child outgrows their current toys. Label each basket to match your kid’s stuffed animal, like “Africa” or “Ocean” and have your kid sort each animal into the right bin. It’s fun, organized, and a learning experience!

Idea #2: Costume Corner

A princess, chef, doctor, ghostbuster, and superhero: your child has held every one of these professions. Well, no matter what they want to be, our next storage idea is bound to excite their imagination and get them to believe that they can become anything their heart desires.

Before you get started creating your costume corner, gather all of your child’s costumes and accessories. Once you have all their outfits rounded up, now would be a great time to make sure that everything still fits, and get rid of items that are broken, too small, or no longer of interest to your child.

To make their costume corner, all you need is a shelf with hooks or dress up storage closet that you can purchase off of Amazon or Wayfair.

If the shelf you chose doesn’t quite fit the color scheme of their room, or if you wish to get more creative, consider painting it. A bit of paint can take this storage idea to the next level. The best part about custom painting your costume corner is that you and your child get to be creative together. Your child can even help you paint the shelf as a fun Sunday afternoon craft!

Idea #3: Mini Workshop

If your kid loves the television show “DinoTrux” or loves building, then a mini workshop is the perfect storage idea for them. Building this mini workshop is rather easy and luckily doesn’t require any carpenter skills.

To get started on your mini workshop, all you need is an old piece of furniture, such as a nightstand or printer cart. If you have any plastic bins laying around, this is a great way to store your child’s tools. Also, if you happen to have an extra toolkit laying around, not housing any of your actual tools of course, this is another great tool storage option.

If your small printer cart or nightstand is old or rough, make sure to smooth out the wood to avoid splinters, giving your child a smooth, sturdy working surface. Try adding a coat of paint to freshen up the old furniture.

Additionally, you may wish to attach a peg board to the back of the nightstand or printer cart. A pegboard is a great alternative to a tool kit and is a cute way for your kids to organize their tools. A pegboard is relatively inexpensive and can be found at your local hardware store.

Idea #4: Toy Car Organizer

If your child is obsessed with cars, and your closet is overflowing with vehicles, this next storage idea is for you! Our toy car organizer ideas will have your child putting away their own toys in no time.

Building your own car garage is easy, and all you need is recycled cardboard tubes (like toilet paper rolls), a wooden crate, and some hot glue. To construct your very own car garage, simply place your cardboard tubes inside the crate, carefully lining them up. When you are pleased with their placement, secure them in place with hot glue and you’re done!

Another fun way to store your child’s cars is an over-the-door organizer that has little pockets to house each car. It also saves closet space. If you want to customize the pockets you can add labels for each of your child’s cars. Besides being a great way to display your child’s cars, this can double as a way to teach your child about color association and organization.

Idea #5: Vintage Crate Train

All aboard the toy express! These vintage train cars are an inexpensive and adorable storage idea you can create using wooden crates. If you have a local lumber business near you, you can probably be able to get these crates for next to nothing.

The look you are going for will dictate how you chose to customize your train. If you are going for a more rustic look, you can leave these crates just as they are. If you want to add a little color and are looking for a more finished product, you can paint these crates different colors to add a little something extra to your child’s bedroom.

To make this storage idea even more adorable, add wheels and some twine to connect the train cars. This will make the train easily mobile and clean up time extra fun!

Create An Environment of Responsibility

With these insanely fun kids’ toy storage ideas, clean up time doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. These easy DIY storage units will help teach your children necessary life skills and encourage their creative side.

Not only are these ideas bound to keep your kids occupied for hours, but they will also keep clutter off your floors and help your house look its best.

If after designing your own storage unit for your kids you find that you have items that no longer fit in their room or playroom, take a trip down to Albuquerque Self Storage or give us a call at 505-431-6747 and let us store those items for you.

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