Game Changing DIY Home Office Storage Ideas

home office storage ideas

When it comes to creating a home office, organization and maximization is key. The way that you organize your home office will dictate the aesthetic and your overall efficiency. A nicely organized space, using home office storage, will help you create a tidy and comfortable workstation that will put your mind at ease.

Let’s face it, purchasing file boxes, desk organizers, and rolling file cabinets can quickly become overwhelming, not to mention expensive. In today’s blog, we are going to give you our top DIY home office storage ideas that will help you become an organizational master.

Office Desk Organization Ideas

Probably one of the most important places in our office is the desk. It’s where we spend the most amount of time and it’s prone to becoming the most unorganized area in the office. These simple desk organization ideas will not only help you increase your productivity, but they are also inexpensive and can be done on your own.

Give Glass Jars, Mugs, and Mason Jars a Try

Looking for an easy way to organize your loose pens and pencils? Well, our favorite practical decor is a simple glass jar. Mason jars, or some whimsical plastic or glass cups, are the perfect home for pencils, markers, pens, scissors, paper clips, etc.

As a fun alternative, consider using some old mugs that you have lying around. Mugs will take up little space on your desk and are often wider than a cup, allowing you to fit more objects.

Better yet, adding a souvenir mug or one with a funny/inspirational image can change up your workspace and get you laughing when you’re in a creative rut. Try choosing clear glasses of various heights to make a stylish statement.

Use a Pegboard to Increase Desk Space

If you are low on desk space, try using a pegboard to hang desk supplies or pictures. The best part is you can get as crafty as you want, and this option is inexpensive and adorable.

A Laptop or Monitor Riser Increases Surface Area

Try using a laptop or monitor riser to increase your desk space. A laptop riser has many benefits, including improving your posture (no more slumping), increasing your storage space if you purchase one with drawers, and making your desk look more organized and professional.

Ideas for Maximizing the Space Around Your Desk

Your next step should be to take advantage of the space next to or beneath your desk. These next ideas will help you come up with ways to increase your storage space using a few inexpensive items.

Add a Storage Caddy or Rolling Cart

If you are looking to design a more modern office space, add a small storage caddy or rolling cart to the side of your desk. This is a great way to get rid of the clutter on your desk and maximize otherwise unused space.

Add organizers and small bins to your caddy to keep items tidy and easily accessible. You can also use hanging cups, found at your local home goods store, to increase your cart’s storage space.

Add a Bookcase

Consider adding a bookcase or re-fitting one to work better for your needs. You can outfit your bookcase with file organizers, picture frames, decor, and of course your favorite books. This is a great way to keep things organized using an item you probably already have on hand.

Shelving Ideas to Maximize Wall Space

Shelving that is easy to build is a great way to increase home office space, and reduce the amount of unsightly clutter accumulating on the office desk. Keeping items up and away will give you more space for office essentials such as a computer and lamp.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is the perfect way to store office supplies that you need on the regular. Just remember that you can’t hide what’s on an open shelf, so keep it presentable! A great way to use open shelving is by placing paperboard storage boxes, containing important documents, pictures, or ongoing projects on the shelving units. Paperboard storage boxes are a great place to store your extra office supplies.

If you are wishing to break up the open shelving, consider adding picture frames, small figurines, or vases to make your shelving more aesthetically pleasing, and less cluttered.

Box Shelves

Another shelving option is box shelves. This is another great option for those who have limited floor space. They can be arranged in numerous ways and can hold anything from picture frames to heavy books.

If you find that you love box shelves, you can easily add them to other areas around your home such as the bathroom. They keep everything within arms reach, double your storage space, and can be sized to appropriately fit the room.

That’s all for this blog! We hope you find these DIY office storage ideas helpful. If you find that you have extra items in need of storage, give us a call at 505-431-6747 and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect storage unit.

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