Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Car Storage

outdoor car storage

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage Blog! Today, we will answer any questions you may have about outdoor car storage. Choosing the right storage space for your vehicle can be a tricky decision, but we don’t want you to stress out. We’re here to guide you through all the possibilities!

FAQ’s About Outdoor Car Storage 

Q: What Size Storage Unit Will I Need For My Mid-Size Sedan? What About A Larger Car, Like A Suburban? 

A 20’ unit can be suitable for all types of cars, including trucks, RV’s, and larger boats. However, Albuquerque Self Storage offers outdoor spaces up to 35’, guaranteeing that no matter what size vehicle you own, it will fit! For reference, a 10 x 30’ space is equivalent to the size of an average two car garage, so your mid-size sedan could fit into a much smaller parking space. And keep in mind that we’re Albuquerque’s largest self storage facility if you’re in the area and need a place to store your vehicle!

Q: Will Outdoor Car Storage Damage My Vehicle?

This question depends heavily on your location! Mild climates tend to wear on cars less than extreme heat or bitter cold, but there are several precautions you can take to help your car last in self storage, even in harsh weather conditions. We list several of these safety tips below. Click here for the details. 

Q: Will My Vehicle Be Safe In An Outdoor Car Storage Space?

 At Albuquerque Self Storage, your vehicle is in the best of hands. We have a gated facility that is secure and well-lit, as well as controlled access during business hours. Security is of the utmost importance when storing vehicles outdoors, and we take these precautions to ensure safety for your car. 

Q: How Do I Know If I Should Store My Car In A Storage Unit? 

People store their cars for a variety of reasons. Maybe you received a well-deserved bonus from work and decided to spend it on a new car, but now you don’t know what to do with your old car, which is bigger and great for hauling things around. You don’t want to sell it, but you also don’t want it in your driveway anymore. The answer is clear- you can store it! Maybe you’re moving and don’t need your small sedan for a month or two. Store it! Maybe you finally bought that boat you’ve spent many summers dreaming about, but it’s the dead of winter. You guessed it- store it! 

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Outdoor Car Storage 

outdoor car storage

So you’ve made the decision that outdoor car storage is the way to go for you. You might be wondering: What now? What are some things I can do to prepare my car? Take these five key steps to protect your vehicle!

Invest in a car cover

If your car is going to be stored outside during harsh conditions, you might want to look into a weatherproof car cover for increased protection. A car cover will not only shield your car from unkind weather, but will also keep your car nice and clean.

Don’t Use Your Parking Break

This may be surprising, but don’t use your parking break. If you are leaving your car in storage for more than 30 days, your parking brake can rust over, leaving you stranded when you try to take it out of storage. If necessary, use parking blocks instead to keep your car in place.

Get an Oil Change

Get an oil change and fill up your tank. While this may seem unimportant for storage, old oil can lead to engine damage if left in a stagnant car for over 30 days. Failing to fill up your gas tank can cause moisture to build up inside the  tank, which can cause harm to your engine seals in the form of leaking, cracking, and weathering. 

Check On Your Car Every Few Weeks  

Your car loves to be taken out for a spin, especially after a period of rest! If you’re able to drive it around the block every few weeks, the battery’s charge will be kept up, flat tires can be prevented, your engine and transmission will stay more lubricated (which prevents long-term damage), your break seals are at lesser risk of drying out, and old fuel won’t sit in your car, which can prevent detrimental carbon deposits.

Consider Your Tires 

 If your car is going to be in long term storage, it may be beneficial to remove the tires entirely and use jack stands to keep your car in place. Tires can get flat spots when kept stagnant for too long. If you are utilizing outdoor car storage for less than 30 days, at least make sure that your tire pressure is inflated to the recommended amount. 

Things to Keep In Mind When Removing Your Car From Vehicle Storage 

Just like placing your car in storage, there are important factors to consider when removing your vehicle from storage.  The first thing you should check is the lifeblood of your vehicle — the battery. Be sure to use a battery tender before you store your car. If you did, you should be able to drive off into the sunset, happy and carefree. If not, be sure to get the battery checked out to ensure it is not overcharged or drained (and then you can be happy and free too). 

Next, check your tires. If you left them on your car, make sure the pressure is adequately inflated. Be sure to inspect them for physical signs of damage as well. 

Then, check for fluid leaks. Your car has probably been sitting still for a while, and old oil is often contaminated. 

And of course, check the brakes and suspension. Take it slow. Let your car warm up for a bit before slowly tapping on the brake. Drive slowly at first and make sure everything sounds and feels right. 

Whether you’re storing your car outdoors for two weeks, two months, or two years, there are several precautions you can take to ensure the health and longevity of your car. We are the largest storage facility in all of Albuquerque, with a plethora of outdoor parking spaces for any of your vehicle’s needs. Give us a call at 505-413- 6747, stop by for prices, availability, and information anytime, or check us out online! We guarantee a friendly voice will be there to help you. 

Thanks for reading, and drive on! 


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