Five Reasons to Use Drive Up Storage

Five Reasons to Use Drive Up Storage

When it comes to self storage, you typically have two options: drive-up, or climate controlled. In some rare instances, you can drive up to a climate controlled unit, but these are generally housed in a multistory facility that is walk-in only. At Albuquerque Self Storage, we understand that climate controlled units are exceedingly important for specific storage items. However, you don’t always need them. 

So here are five reasons why drive-up storage units may be the better choice for you. 

1. Drive-Up Storage Has Better Ease of Access

This is the obvious one. Drive-up storage units are completely accessible by car, van, and moving truck, which means you don’t have to carry a couch into a facility, up an elevator (or worse, stairs), and into your unit. You can pull up your vehicle just feet away from the storage unit door. 

This greatly reduces the risk of damaging your furniture or hurting yourself! That’s a win-win in our book. 

There are some larger furniture items that you should consider a climate-controlled unit for, though, such as antiques, wood items that require long-term storage (over a month), and file cabinets that still have documents in them. If you are looking to store any of those, then you may want to invest in moving straps or a moving company to help you climb stairs to a climate controlled unit. 

2. Lower Cost

Generally speaking, drive-up storage units are going to be more affordable than climate-controlled ones. This is because the owners don’t need to regulate the humidity or temperature, which saves them money each month on the upkeep of the facility. In turn, that saves you money as well. 

If you’re storing office furniture, vehicles, or anything that you’re not concerned about warping or cracking due to heat or lack of humidity, then save yourself some money and opt for a drive-up storage unit. 

3. Different Sizes

Drive-up Storage units are king when it comes to offering a variety of sizes. Albuquerque Self Storage has units ranging from 6×4 to 15×22, and outdoor parking spaces to store vehicles like cars, boats, and RVs.

Their range of sizes means you can fit anything from a studio or business office, to a full-sized 4-bedroom home into one unit. You’ll never have to worry about running out of room or purging your belongings before storage, because the biggest unit is designed to fit four bedrooms worth of furniture, large appliances such as a washer and dryer and refrigerator, desks, chairs, tables, couches, and much more. 

Or, if you need a smaller space, the 6×4 units are perfect for several boxes, file cabinets and a couple desks and office chairs, books and records, and patio furniture. 

4. Vehicle Storage

At Albuquerque Self Storage, you can store your vehicles, recreational vehicles, and water toys here too! drive-up storage units can store vehicles, too. Many drive up storage units are built to accommodate larger items and are perfect for seasonal storage for cars and boats. 

Our outdoor spaces range from 20’ to 35’ and can easily fit all of the following: 


  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Campers

It’s important to take measurements first and ensure the vehicle you intend to store will actually fit in the unit you are renting. Remember, the garage doors are smaller than the actual unit!

5. Storing Seasonal and Bulky Items

Instead of keeping your bulky winter clothes and your fun summer toys in a closet or cluttering up your own garage, consider using a storage unit. After all, what better place to put your inflatable Santa or your pool rafts in the non-winter months? 

Similarly, drive-up storage is ideal for the transportation and containment of large items with temporary utility, such as ladders, snowblowers, jet skis, and other things that might not fit in your garage and you won’t use every single day. 

In those circumstances, it’s best to keep them in a place where they are locked up until they next become relevant.

Rent the Drive-Up Storage Unit Best for You

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best fit for you. At Albuquerque Self Storage, we work to make the experience as painless as possible. We offer month-to-month contracts so you’re never locked in for longer than 30 days and we never require a deposit or charge move-in fees. 

On top of that, our storage facility is gated, monitored, and only accessible during certain hours to increase security. We even supply locks! 

All of our units are ground floor and drive up, so moving trucks can easily access them. If you need a unit, give us a call at 505-294-8884 or visit us online


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