Storing a Car Long Term With Albuquerque Self Storage

Whether you’re looking to store a car you don’t use regularly or inherited a new vehicle by surprise, you might be asking yourself if it’s possible to store a car long term at a storage facility. The short answer is ‘yes’, but read more to learn specifics about long-term car storage and what you should expect when doing so with us.

First Off, What Is Considered “Long Term”? 

There are many reasons why people end up having to store their vehicles for an extended period of time. You might be in the active military, where you’ll be expected to leave on a dime for months at a time, without any idea of a return date. Maybe someone close to you has passed away, and you’re left with their prized vehicles in their will. 

Or maybe you’re tired of staring at your old car in the driveway, but aren’t ready to sell it.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered here at Albuquerque Self Storage.

Long-term storage at our facility is considered any time period beyond three months of storage.

Keeping Your Car Safe

At Albuquerque Self Storage, we store all vehicles outdoors. However, our property is gated with security cameras everywhere. Also, keep in mind that we are not a 24hr facility. Practicing regular business hours dramatically reduces crime and theft.

Even though our facility is secure, you’ll still need to do your part in making sure your car is safe for your long-term car storage. Make sure that you’ve locked your doors, closed all windows, made sure the trunk and hood is closed, and know where your spare key is.

Since we store vehicles in outdoor parking spaces, you’ll need to ensure that your car is protected from sun, rain, and whatever else the weather might throw our way. We suggest that you get a car cover that is made for the make and model of your vehicle specifically. This ensures that the cover will fit to the car exactly and will keep out any water or sun damage. 

Turn Your Car On 

Turning your car on when you’re not around can be a difficult task to execute if you’re not in town, but it’s an important one. When car batteries sit for long periods of time, they lose their charge.

Multiple systems in your vehicle pull from the battery, even when the car isn’t running. So the longer the car sits without the engine igniting, the longer the battery is being pulled from without any charge. Driving our vehicles actually charge the batteries, which is why batteries inside heavily used vehicles can last years and years. 

The oil sitting in your car can also be affected, endangering the engine when the vehicle is finally turned on. If possible, ask a friend or someone you can trust to start your car every two to three weeks. This ensures that the battery stays in good health and that your engine keeps its function. 

Let the engine run for at least 15 minutes before turning the vehicle off.

Take Your Car For a Drive 

Cars kind of… fall apart after sitting for long periods of time. Like brakes, for example. When brakes go unused, they will corrode underneath the vehicle. If your car sits in a space with high moisture and much rain, the brakes will rust.

Tire pressure will dissipate quickly as well, making it hard to simply pick up your vehicle when you’re ready to take it home again. While storing vehicles for long periods of time will inevitably decrease tire pressure, driving the car from time to time will help tremendously. 

Driving your car will also make sure the fuel injectors stay lubed up with fresh gas. 

Different-Sized Parking Spaces For Your Vehicles 

Whether you have an RV you’d like to store, a truck, or a compact car, we’ve got the space you need to store most vehicles. Our smallest-sized outdoor parking space starts at 20 feet and our largest parking space is 35 feet.

We don’t just store vehicles, though. Short or long-term storage for boats, campers, and trailers is available as well. 

We’ve Got Your Back 

Facilities that offer long-term car storage need to meet a lot of criteria, and we’re proud to offer a safe space and service you can rely on. We offer month-to-month options for car storage with discounted rates for long-term storage agreements. 

Our outdoor parking is well-lit and controlled, and we mean business when keeping the place secure.

Our staff is always friendly and ready to help if you’ve got a question about storing your car long-term with us. Or maybe you’re calling from far away to make sure your car is okay. Whatever your long-term car storage needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

If you’d like more information about our outdoor car parking spaces and how we can help your storage needs, please contact us today! 

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