How Much Should Your Storage Unit Cost?

There are many reasons you might consider a self-storage option. You might need more space, or you might enjoy the ease a self-storage unit provides

Whatever your reason, and whatever the size of your storage unit, here at Albuquerque Self Storage, we aim to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Storage Unit Costs: How Much Space and What’s Being Stored


The typical cost of a storage unit can be anywhere from $70-$300 dollars a month. This is before factoring things like what you’re storing, and extra amenities you may want to pay for. And on average, you’re going to pay somewhere in the middle of that range. 

We all know the first factor of a storage unit cost is the size of the unit you’re paying for. The larger the unit, the more you can expect to pay. 

If you want to explore the different sizes of units that are offered in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, check out our unit sizing page.

What You Store Might Affect Price

When we hear the word storage unit, we typically think of boxes and furniture stacked away in a drive-up unit. However, if you have a boat, RV, or any extra vehicles in the way, there are plenty of self-storage options to fit those needs. 

Paying for covered parking, or even a storage-unit you use for that 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, will come at a different cost to a storage unit you use for all those old holiday sweaters your aunt buys you each year.

Storage Unit Costs: Size Isn’t All You’re Paying For

Paying for a storage unit is similar to paying for an apartment. No, you don’t need the kitchen and bathrooms, but you’ll want to consider the following:


The more valuable the items you’re looking to store, the more security you should be willing to pay for. While it is common for storage unit lots to have private gates, not every facility is the same. Some don’t have gates, and some offer more security options that might add to your storage unit cost.

To keep your belongings safe, find a storage unit facility that provides:

  • Access and exit gate
  • Security Cameras
  • Multiple personal on site
  • Individual unit alarms and locks

Climate Control

You want to keep your belongings safe from outside hazards such as burglars. Depending on the value of what you want to store, you might also be willing to pay for a climate controlled unit. This just means that the temperature and humidity within the units are maintained.

It might not be necessary to pay for this amenity if you’re only looking to store those old classroom books and journals from your grade school days, but if you’re storing pricey pieces of furniture, rare books, musical instruments –  anything you’d want to keep under a controlled temperature – paying for heated and cooled units is right for you.

How do you know at first glance if your storage unit facility is climate controlled? Typically, a drive-up unit (you can see the storage units from the outside) are not insulated, and therefore cheaper. 

Need help deciding what belongings would benefit from climate-controlled storage? Check out this blog from Real Estate US News.

Additional Features and Costs

Finding a storage unit site that offers extended hours of entry, or even 24/7 entry, might be a feature worth looking into. 

It may also come in handy to choose a facility that offers things such as free or reduced-price truck rentals, dollies, and other moving equipment.

Additionally, you can add insurance to cover any losses or damages.

An extra feature that might add to the bill is the full-service feature. This is more of a valet style way of storing versus a true self-storage. This simply means that in a full-service storage, the company sends workers to you. If you have a particular distaste towards moving boxes and furniture, this might be the bonus feature you’re looking for.

How Long Are You Renting?

Most storage unit facilities have a one-month minimum rental requirement. Obviously, the longer you rent, the more you’ll pay in the long-run. 

Late Fees

As with any rental service, bills must be paid on time and in full. Depending on the storage unit facility, you may pay more in late fees than with others. Even if you’re a stickler for paying the bills on time, it’s worth checking into when signing a contract. 

Keep in mind, too many missed bills might mean a notice that ultimately leads to your storage unit legally deemed abandoned and put up for auction.

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