Storage Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Albuquerque Home

Finding space to put your items in your house can be daunting. Don’t worry, you are not alone, over 75% of Americans are struggling to find ways to deal with their clutter too. We at Albuquerque Self Storage are committed to helping you find the space again with a variety of solutions, including finding your perfect storage unit.   

Storage Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Albuquerque Home

Gaining space in your home may seem to be a huge task without the right solutions. Don’t stress, we have done the hard work for you. In this article, we will discuss ways to maximize the dead space around your home, the benefits of multi-use furniture, and tips and tricks to ensure you can create the home you deserve.  

Bathroom Ideas

Start your days off organized by investing in some storage bins for under your sink to eliminate your bathroom clutter. Storage bins are an easy option for dividing your toiletries and other items, allowing you to easily find your sunscreen in that morning rush! 

Another way to increase your space could be to install shelves above your toilet. This is a common dead space in bathrooms that could be utilized for whatever items you please. If you don’t want to insert shelves into your walls, you could buy this 4-tier-toilet rack which is also a renter-friendly option.

Living Room Solutions

A creative solution to find that much-needed living room space is to invest in multi-use furniture. Doing so allows you to make the most of your use of your furniture, ultimately increasing storage. For example, finding or building a TV stand that has storage space underneath. Moreover, a more expensive but great option is to invest in an ottoman. This can be used for storage, as a coffee table, or even for more seating in your living room. 

A couch with built-in storage is another amazing way to free up space, allowing you to keep the living room clutter organized and out of sight. Window sills can also act as shelves for your extra bits and bobs lying around your living room. In addition, you can add decorations to your window sills to give your home its personality.  

Creating Closet Space 

Before considering storage ideas, take inventory out of your wardrobe and get rid of things you don’t wear anymore. Purging old clothes and shoes is a fantastic way to clear up space. Once you have done this, utilize tiered hangers to make the most of the vertical space for your clothes. Furthermore, create more vertical space by installing a horizontal rod in your closet. 

If you want to increase storage compartments in your closet, you can buy hanging storage cubes that can be used for any items in your closet. For example, storage cubes are amazing for storing shirts and trousers whilst taking up minimal room in your closet.

Shoe Storage

Clearing your floor space is helpful in creating a tidy home. Using your doors can be a smart way to do this. You can buy vertical door shoe racks that attach easily to your door. Another option is to buy a shoe storage bench. This is a multi-functional item, your shoes can go inside or underneath the bench and other items can be kept on top. You can also buy a tall basket to store your shoes all in one place, making them easy to find. 

Toy Storage 

Finding space to store and organize your children’s toys may seem impossible. A budget-friendly toy storage option is buying storage bins to keep track of what toys are where. You can label them and also allow your children to decorate these bins with stickers as a fun way to personalize their space.

If you have coat hooks by your entrance, you could use these to hang toys in bags. If you don’t, you can easily install some around your house to make use of your wall space. Outdoor toy storage may be another option to keep your home tidy. Find some waterproof containers to place outside in your backyard.  

Using a Self-storage Unit 

Self-storage units are one of the best ways to create space in your home. Sometimes items need to be stored away to declutter your home, without having to get rid of them. Therefore, if you need a place to put your seasonal decorations or extra clothes, getting an Albuquerque Self Storage unit could be your answer.

Albuquerque Self Storage is open 7 days a week, meaning your possessions are available for you whenever you need them. With our gated facility, feel at ease when storing your valuables with us.  

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