Maximize Space, Install Storage Shelves

Finding extra storage space can be a pain. Luckily, at Albuquerque Self Storage, we have the solutions for you. Read this blog to discover which shelf is right for you and how to introduce the shelves into your spaces.

Maximize Space, Install Storage Shelves 

Never have items lost in a sea of clutter, and gain control over your area using shelves. Storage shelves are functional, sturdy, and customizable. Choose to organize with storage shelves to declutter and take charge of your space!

Shelve Material

If you need shelves for your storage unit, home, or workplace, you will have no problem finding the perfect fit! Storage Shelves are versatile as they come in many materials to match different aesthetics and needs.

Metal shelves are perfect for heavy-duty items in your storage unit or workplace. The sturdiness and durability of metal shelves mean you don’t have to worry about them breaking with your bulky items.  

Plastic storage shelves are easy to clean and great for lightweight items! Put your paper-filled boxes on plastic frames to declutter your workspace. Plastic shelves are easy to wipe down, so keeping a clean space is easy. 

Wooden shelves are fantastic for your home or workplace. Do a fun DIY and decorate or stain wooden shelves to match your aesthetic. Wooden shelves are a great option to add style to your home, either decorated or leaving the wood natural. Wooden shelves are also more durable than plastic shelves if you want to store heavier items in your house.


Who doesn’t want extra space? The clear benefit of having storage shelves is creating more room for your needs. Storage shelves also have some creative possibilities. Not only are they great for typical storage uses, but they can add character to your space. For example, give your living room life by putting overhanging plants on your wooden shelves. 

In your storage unit, space may seem to disappear if you don’t know how to organize your unit correctly. Adding storage shelves to make the most of the vertical space in your unit ensures you can fit all your items easily. 

Extra space can be hard to come by, so taking ownership and making space yourself is a must. Space allows you to organize efficiently, leaving you with time to focus on what matters to you. 


Einstein once said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” An organized space is critical to feeling relaxed in your home or work environment. Shelves can prevent that overwhelming feeling when you have too much stuff and too little space.  

Installing shelves at your workplace can increase your work efficiency as you will know exactly where everything is.  Label boxes with what documents are inside to make your life easier when you need to find them. Labeling is a smart way to save you time, so you don’t have to sift through piles and piles of documents.

Including shelving in your storage unit improves accessibility to your items. Whether that is your seasonal items or items you need more regularly. Having shelves means you can find your belongings quickly.   

Shelves can give your home personality. Use shelves at home for your book collection and decorations. Alternatively, you can use shelves to store items in your garage, bathroom, and bedroom. The options are endless! Organizing home spaces doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy curating a space you are happy with! 

Easy To Put Together 

Free-standing storage shelves are a great option when you don’t want to drill shelves into your walls (great for renters). Shelves are easy to assemble, meaning you can start organizing your space as soon as possible.

Suppose you need a summer project and have some spare wood lying around. You can build your shelves if you want to save money (but not time)! If not, find storage shelves at your local Home Depot or Walmart. 

In Your Storage Unit

Having shelves in storage units prevents you from having to stack your boxes. Stacking boxes incorrectly increases the chances of boxes falling. Shelves mean you do not risk your favorite items falling and breaking. Nonetheless, shelves prevent you from lifting boxes off stacks that could injure your back. 

Take a look at the items you want to store in your unit. Consider which shelf materials are suitable for you and what you need. For example, appliances and electronics are commonly put in storage units; keep them safe by investing in metal shelves. 

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