Beat The Weather With These Outdoor Storage Tips

The weather can be the biggest culprit for ruining your favorite items. Today you will find ways to maximize space in your backyard while keeping your items weatherproof. Don’t let the changing seasons stand in the way of your outdoor pleasure!

At Albuquerque Self Storage, we want to help you store all your items safely, whether that is with us using one of our storage units or following our storage tips and tricks! After this blog, you will have more space to seat your guests and the opportunity to create the home you have always wanted. 

Outdoor Storage Benches 

Outdoor storage benches are a great way to get more seating in your backyard. Creating extra seating and space makes hosting a BBQ in the Albuquerque sun way easier. Storage benches offer a lot of space to put your garden supplies and keep your outdoor area tidy. 

If you want a sun-proof bench, stay away from metal and plastic benches unless you are ready to face a burn! Instead, consider getting a wooden storage bench. Wood conducts heat less than plastic, making a wooden storage bench great for the summer months in New Mexico. 

Suppose you live in a place with a lot of rainfall (not Albuquerque). You can waterproof your wooden bench using a varnish. On top of waterproofing, varnish can also protect your furniture from sun damage!


A morning coffee out in the sun sat on your ottoman. What a great way to kickstart the day! Ottomans are another fantastic multi-use furniture option for storage. Not only are ottomans great for storage, but they can also be used for extra seating around your backyard. You can cover the ottoman with a tarp or use a waterproof fabric treatment for rainy weather! This way, you can keep your furniture safe from unexpected weather.

Coffee Table On Wheels 

Consider getting a coffee table on wheels if you have a spacious backyard. You can use the extra surfaces of the table for storage, and you can roll the table to wherever you need it, whether you are by the pool or your outdoor seating. This is a great table that you could use all around your backyard.

Install Hooks

Vertical space is one of the most overlooked ideas for storage. Put hooks in your walls to hang items off the ground and away from pests! Installing metal hooks is easy with this how-to guide. If you live somewhere with frequent rain, you can hang your items in waterproof bags to keep them safe from the weather! You can also purchase a garden hose holder to install into your wall to keep you from tripping over the tubing! 


Sheds are an easy way to store your items outside and minimize clutter. Sheds come in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget! Garden sheds are usually waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry if your items will be protected from the weather. 

If you are creating a DIY shed, make sure you consider ways to ensure it’s weatherproof. For example, ensure there are no gaps in your structure that could leave the shed liable to damage. Waterproof the shed’s exterior with paint or varnish, and ensure you have a waterproof base for the shed. You can do this by building it above ground on concrete and using treated wood as the shed’s base. 

To maximize space inside your shed, you can use a pegboard. Pegboards are a great way to store your garden tools because they can hook straight on if they have holes in their handles. You can also install shelves on peg boards if you cannot hook your items.

You can also add floating shelves to make the most of your vertical space in your shed. Shelves will clear up your floor for items that cannot hang, such as your lawnmower. This way, you will have an organized space!

Storage Unit

If none of these ideas are suitable for you, it is okay. Use one of our storage units to keep your extra items safe! We have different sizes available depending on your storage needs. Read this blog to see why you need a storage unit and how it can help you become more organized. 

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