Food Storage Hacks To Keep Your Items Fresh

In the US, between 30-40% of food produced gets wasted, accounting for over 100 million tons per year. Use these food storage hacks to save money; your bank account will thank you!  At Albuquerque Self Storage, we have food storage tips that are as easy as pie! Keep your tastebuds happy with fresh food day and night! 

Food Storage Hacks To Keep Your Items Fresh

Today, we will spill the beans on how to keep your favorite produce fresh. It goes without saying most of us fall short when it comes to storing food properly. We are all guilty of throwing away that just too-ripe banana. The waste all adds up! Read on to see how to save your food and your money. 

Browning Bananas

The fan favorite for an overly ripe banana is making banana bread. Ripe bananas are perfect for baking because their softness makes them easier to mash, and the ripeness makes the banana sweeter because of the starch breakdown. Just imagine the fresh smell of banana bread seeping out of your oven!

If you don’t bake, you can preserve your bananas by wrapping the stems. Wrapping the stems slows the release of ethylene gas, slowing the ripening process. The ethylene gas can also spread to other fruits and ripen them quicker. Store bananas away from your other produce, or keep the stems wrapped to prevent ripening your other fruit. 

Keep Your Berries Fresh 

Wash your berries in vinegar to make them last longer. The vinegar kills the bacteria that live in the spores of your berries, meaning they will not mold as quickly! Berries can also mold due to having excess moisture. Therefore, the ones at the bottom of the container are more susceptible. Turn your container over when you buy them to slow the molding process.  

Brown Paper Bag

Brown paper bags absorb excess moisture, making them valuable for storing vegetables like mushrooms and potatoes. Brown paper bags can speed up the ripening process too. So if you have green bananas you want to ripen in the next few days, paper bags trap the ethylene gas ripening them quicker. Brown paper bags are also biodegradable, making them more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts! 

Stop Avocado Oxidation

Your avocado turns brown due to the oxidation on its surface. Rubbing lemon juice on the avocado will form a barrier between the avocado and the air, slowing the browning process. If you are making guacamole, add lemon juice for the flavor and the preservative properties!

Produce Lasts Longer In The Fridge 

Storing your fruit and vegetables in the fridge slows the ripening process, keeping them fresh for longer. The fridge’s low temperatures are great for preventing bacteria growth and delaying the release of ethylene gas! 

Food Storage Containers

Air-tight containers are number 1 on the podium for keeping food fresh. Preventing oxygen from contacting your fruit and vegetables will keep them fresh. Air-tight containers are also great for maximizing storage in your fridge! Invest in air-tight containers that are microwave-proof and freezer-proof to get the most out of your kitchen supplies. 


Freezers are a lifesaver for food you don’t think you will eat in time! Are you tired of your extra milk going bad? Freeze and thaw it so it’s ready for when you need it. Keep your bread fresh by putting it in the freezer so you do not have to worry about molding! You can buy food in bulk and freeze your food to save your money. 

Chop your fruit and vegetables and freeze them to save time in the long run. Frozen fruit and vegetables are perfect for when you are making smoothies! Frozen fruit and vegetables will add a thicker texture and a crisp taste to your smoothies. Frozen berries are the secret to success!

Dog Food Storage 

Don’t forget about your fluffy friends! Keep your dog food in a cool and dry place. A cost-effective storage option is to keep the dog food in its original packaging to preserve its shelf life. Ensure to fold over the bags to keep them airtight after opening. Increase storage time even more by investing in air-tight glass containers over plastic containers. Glass containers are more durable and won’t soak up oils from pet food. Whatever storage method you decide on, ensure you clean the containers between uses! 

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