Summer Storage Solutions: A Guide to Storing Summer Gear and Prepping for Fall

Summer in the Land of Enchantment has its own unique charm. From those sunny Santa Fe days to the vibrant Albuquerque festivals, there’s no shortage of memories to be made. But as the season transitions and the golden hues of fall approach, it’s time to think about summer storage. After all, proper storage not only helps keep our gear in top shape but also makes room for those cozy fall essentials.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering where to begin, Albuquerque Self Storage is here with expert tips and tricks to ensure your items remain safe, accessible, and ready for next year.

Summer Storage Tips

1. Start with a Clean Slate

Before you even think about storage, ensure all your summer gear is clean. Sand from the lakes, residue from sunscreen, or that random sticky patch from a popsicle spill – all these need to go.

Tip: For beach chairs and umbrellas, a simple hosing down usually does the trick. For summer clothing, ensure they are laundered and dried thoroughly to prevent mold.

2. Choose the Right Storage Containers

Investing in good quality storage containers is the first step in ensuring your summer gear remains in pristine condition.

Tip: For summer clothes, consider vacuum-sealed bags. They not only save space but also protect from pests. For larger items, sturdy plastic bins with tight-fitting lids are ideal. Don’t forget to label everything!

3. Make Use of Desiccants

New Mexico’s dry climate is generally a boon for storage, but sudden changes in temperature or unexpected humidity can introduce moisture. Desiccants, like silica gel packets, help to absorb any excess moisture in your storage containers.

Tip: Tuck a few packets into your storage boxes, especially those with electronics or delicate fabrics.

4. Store Footwear with Care

Summer sandals, hiking shoes, and those flip-flops deserve special attention. Make sure they’re cleaned and dried. To help them retain their shape, stuff them with newspaper or shoe inserts.

Tip: Avoid stacking shoes directly on top of each other, as this can deform them. Use shoe racks or individual boxes.

5. Consider Special Storage for Delicate Items

Fragile summer items, like sunglasses or straw hats, can warp or become damaged if not stored correctly.

Tip: Store sunglasses in their cases and consider hanging hats or using hat boxes to ensure they retain their shape.

6. Think Vertical

If you’re short on space, think upwards! Wall-mounted racks, pegboards, or hanging organizers can turn an empty wall into a storage masterpiece.

Tip: This is especially useful for items like bicycles or surfboards. Hanging them up prevents damage and saves precious floor space.

7. Know When to Opt for Climate-Controlled Storage

Certain items, especially electronics or delicate fabrics, may benefit from climate-controlled storage, especially if you’re storing them for a longer period.

Tip: If you’re unsure about the suitability of your storage space, Albuquerque Self Storage can help. Our units are perfect for those items needing a bit more TLC.

8. Rotate Your Gear

As you’re storing your summer items, it’s an excellent opportunity to bring out the fall gear. This ensures that the most frequently used items are always within easy reach.

Tip: Consider creating a “seasonal swap” corner in your storage area. As one season ends, the next one’s gear takes the front stage.

9. Keep an Inventory

There’s nothing more frustrating than searching high and low for that one item. Keep an inventory of where everything is stored.

Tip: There are several apps available for inventory management. If you prefer the traditional way, a simple list works wonders too!

10. Revisit and Refresh

Before the summer season rolls around again, revisit your storage. Freshen up the containers, check for any wear and tear, and make sure everything is still in top shape.

We Can Help

As we bid adieu to our beloved New Mexican summer, let’s do it with the confidence that our gear is tucked away safely, ready to bring joy again next year. Remember, the key to successful summer storage lies not just in where you store, but how you store. At Albuquerque Self Storage, keeping your things safe is our main priority. Reach out to us today to learn about rates and how we can help you.

Here’s to a seamless transition into fall and a warm, welcoming summer when it comes around again!

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