Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Storage

When you buy a new car or other oversized vehicle, the last thing you think of is where to store it. At the dealership, you see all the adventures you’ll go on in your new camper or the lakes you’ll fish in on your new boat, but when you get home, you see a full garage and no space for vehicle storage in sight.

Three Steps for Vehicle Storage

When it comes to vehicle storage, Albuquerque Self Storage has the space you need, and this guide will help you decide how to store your precious truck, RV, boat, or other vehicle.


Step One: Determine if Storage is Right for You

How often do you plan on using this new vehicle? Maybe a fancy new convertible will be taken for the occasional joyride, but if it’s not being used often, vehicle storage might be a safer place for it. Doing so can also free up space in your garage for a work space or other storage uses.


Also consider your lifestyle, as well as seasonal use. Do you live on a lake and can use your boat everyday, or will your boat only be used a few times over summer? Do you travel frequently for work and want your new vehicle someplace safe rather than sitting in your driveway? 


Heat can wear down on a vehicle stored outside or in a driveway, and if you know you may not use a new vehicle often, vehicle storage may be a great option for you.


Step Two: Determine What Storage You Need

Choosing the right storage space is important for many reasons. Too small of a space, and you might not be able to fit your vehicle. Too large, and you could end up paying for space you aren’t using.

  • For smaller cars and golf carts, we recommend the 20’ storage space.
  • For trailers and larger trucks, we recommend the 25’ storage space.
  • For campers and boats, we recommend the 30’ storage space.
  • For RVs and other large vehicles, we recommend the 35’ storage space.

However, this is just a guideline and an estimation. If you’re ever unsure, you can bring your vehicle down to Albuquerque Self Storage and we can help you find the perfect spot for your vehicle. This page has more helpful information on choosing a storage space with Albuquerque Self Storage. 


Step Three: Prep For Storage

Storing your vehicle is more than just driving it down to Albuquerque Self Storage and parking it. Here are some tips for keeping your vehicle in top shape while you store it.


  1. Clean your vehicle. It may seem silly to take your car through the wash only to store it away, but any dirt or dust will wear down the paint and any exterior surfaces over time. Always clean your vehicle before storage to prevent this. This guide to DIY car cleaning provides helpful tips on how to keep your car clean while saving some money. 
  2.  Release the parking brake. While handy when parking on a hill, engaging your parking brake while your vehicle is in storage is not only unnecessary, but can also wear down your brake pads and rotors. Brake pads and rotors can fuse together if in contact for too long, so be sure you are not engaging your parking brake when you store your vehicle. Tire stoppers are a safer option for keeping your car stable while you store it.
  3. Cover your vehicle. You won’t be able to clean your car while it’s in storage, so a quality cover is the next best thing. A car cover can help prevent dust and dirt from settling on your exterior and keep it as clean as possible.
  4. Fill up your gas tank. This may feel redundant, since you aren’t driving it anywhere, but leaving the tank on empty can cause rust due to leftover moisture. Fill up your tank beforehand to prevent this, and once you’re ready to take your vehicle out of storage, you’ll have a full tank to drive on.


Another thing to take note of while your vehicle is in storage is the overall maintenance if you are storing long term. Consider taking your vehicle for a spin every once in a while to prevent the battery from draining or dying. If this isn’t possible for you, we recommend purchasing a battery maintainer, which intermittently charges your battery, in order to prevent battery damage while you’re away.

Here at Albuquerque Self Storage, we want to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. Taking proper care of cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and other oversized vehicles is important to us, and if you feel that vehicle storage is right for you, contact us today!

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