Tips for Using a 5×5 Storage Unit

No matter how perfectly organized you are, there always seems to be extra items that you can’t seem to fit. An overflowing pile of Halloween decorations. Your aunt’s old furniture that doesn’t fit in your home. Snowboarding gear. Items you can’t get rid of, but can’t find a place for either. It might be time to invest in a 5×5 storage unit, which may seem small, but it’s essentially an extra closet. A closet that doesn’t take up space in your home, and there’s a lot of ways to utilize the 5×5 storage unit the best you can.

Organization Tips

Create a List of All Items

It’s always best to plan and be prepared. Create a list of everything you’re planning on storing ahead of time so you know what you have to fit. Consider what you might be able to put where, and create a plan for storage. Additionally, creating a list helps you keep track of what items you have in your home, and what items you have in storage.

Store Disassembled Furniture First

Always start with the largest items. A few chairs and a table can fit in a 5×5 storage unit, but there are ways to make more fit. By disassembling your furniture, you can create even more space. Fold up your chairs if possible. Remove the legs of your table and store it that way. Take apart headboards. Also, be careful to always store heavy items on the bottom of your storage unit. Heavy items can crush or destroy smaller items, so be sure to keep breakables on top. It may take a bit of Tetris, but there’s quite a lot you can do with a 5×5 storage unit.


Hang Items

Another way to use all the space you have is to install a cork board and hang items such as holiday decor or sports gear. This way they can take up less space as well as being easier to find when you need them. Keeping your items visible is a great way to stay organized and keep your items accessible for when you need them. Another thing to consider is adding hanging hooks, which can hold heavier items. This one is a great, durable option for organizing your storage unit. 


Store Long Items Diagonally

Have a large mattress you no longer want in your home? While a queen or king might not fit in a smaller storage unit, a twin or full size mattress can be placed vertically and diagonally in your storage unit. Be sure to cover your mattress before doing this in order to prevent tearing and keep it clean. 

This technique of leaning a long item along the diagonal rather than just straight up can work for other items as well, such as wood planks or large signs. This may seem like a simple idea, but it will give you the most of your space. 


Use Boxes

Have a lot of clutter? Boxes are the way to go. Not only will they keep your space as organized as possible, you can fill them up and stack them easily. Doing this keeps your smaller items together rather than scattered around your storage unit and taking up space. Another tip is to use clear, plastic boxes rather than cardboard ones. Plastic boxes might be slightly more expensive than cardboard ones, but clear boxes allow you to see inside. This way you can find what you need more easily if you ever need to pull a few items from your storage unit. Also, be sure to use the same type of boxes if possible. Doing this makes it easier to stack boxes on top of one another.

Use Arm and Hammer 

Place a box of Arm and Hammer within any large appliance you store. Baking soda absorbs odors as well as moisture and mildew, and doing this will keep your appliances fresh while you store them. 

Use Storage Space Within Furniture

If you’re storing a filing cabinet, desk, dresser, or anything with drawers, consider filling up the drawers with smaller items rather than placing them loosely around the unit. This way, you can utilize all the area in your storage unit. Another tip is to store a shelving unit in order to keep your boxes organized while safely storing them vertically. 


What Can I Put In A Small Storage Unit?

Here are some ideas for items that can easily fit in a 5×5 storage space better than they can fit in your home.

  • File cabinets
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Holiday decor
  • Books/movies
  • Carpets
  • Lamps
  • Sports gear
  • Holiday decor
  • Tools
  • Seasonal clothing
  • College dorm decor


Think you might benefit from a 5×5 storage unit? Contact us today! At Albuquerque Self Storage, we can answer all of your questions about self-storage and provide you with the safest self-storage with no hidden fees. 

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