College Dorm Storage Solutions

Sending your child off to college is always a bittersweet milestone to hit, and all parents get weepy-eyed as they help their children move into their freshman dorm. However, figuring out a way to store all your child’s clothes, cleaning supplies, and other necessities doesn’t have to cause tears. Here are all our best college dorm storage solutions.

Storing Within Your Dorm

Maximize Closet Space

A college dorm closet can often be a smaller space than your child is used to at home, but there are plenty of solutions for fitting all your child’s clothes. A hanging shoe rack can be used to store shoes vertically, or it can be used to store sweatshirts, jeans and other bulky clothing items. Store shoes in an over the door hanging rack instead of inside the closet to maximize space inside. Additionally, consider investing in hanger extenders, which allow you to hang multiple clothing items from one hanger. This allows you to hang and store vertically, rather than just horizontally across your closet.


Another way to maximize your closet storage space is to simply place a small dresser inside it. A plastic dresser like this one is affordable and allows you to see inside it for easy accessibility and organization. Place the dresser beneath any clothes already hanging, and use the drawers to store more clothes, laundry supplies, or anything else you need space for. The key to college dorm storage is using all the space you have, and these tips 


Use Space Beneath the Bed

If your child’s bed is not already on risers, consider investing in some. Using the space under the bed is a great solution, and risers give you a few extra inches to use. Your child’s college may provide a few dressers, but if not consider purchasing at least two three drawer dressers. Not only can you store things within it, but you can also add storage cubes on top of your dressers to store things such as medicine or snacks for your student. In a crammed college dorm, the space under a bed can be one of the biggest spaces you have for storing all the necessary items for surviving freshman year. 

Use a Desk Hutch

A desk hutch can be a great way to add space to your desk. Your student likely will want more open space for doing work or getting ready in the morning, so a desk hutch allows you to keep pencils, pens, and other items stored out of the way. 

Add Shelving Above the Bed

While this tip might not work  for everyone, as different universities allow different wall hangings, adding shelving can be a great way to maximize space if you’re allowed to do so. A small shelf above the bed can be used to store things your child might want to have easy access to, such as a place for charging their phone at night, or it can be used to decorate and store at the same time. Store books from home or other items your child would like to have out in their dorm. 

Summer Storage

Moving into a dorm can be stressful, but moving out can be even worse. Your child’s dorm is less organized than it was at the beginning of the year, and they are likely busy with finals. However, there are many solutions for making this daunting process easier.


Consider investing in a self-storage unit near campus. Not only will this make moving back in at the end of summer easier, but it will also make the move-out process easier. Rather than driving or shipping boxes and boxes of dorm supplies home, you can just store it close to campus. With a self-storage unit, you often won’t even have to unpack your carefully stored and organized dorm supplies. You can just drop off a full dresser and forget about it until the fall.

Not only is a self-storage unit convenient, it also prevents all your child’s college dorm supplies from taking up space in your home during the summer. Additionally, if your student is planning on studying abroad, they may want to consider a storage unit for that as well. 


Considering storing your child’s college dorm supplies over summer? Contact us for all your self-storage needs at an affordable price! 

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