How Much is Self Storage Per Month, Really?

Wondering how much is self storage per month? Look no further.

Wondering how much is self storage per month? Look no further.

How much is self storage? What about per month? That answer is easily found and can be answered with a quick call here. These rates vary based on season and availability but generally stay within a set range.

Last time on the blog we discussed whether self storage was a worthwhile investment or not (we landed firmly on ‘It is’). In that discussion, we mentioned the price of square footage in an Albuquerque home at $123 per foot on average. That means by spending the money on a storage unit and freeing up your homes space, you are gaining valuable square feet in your home.  But what about things other than money? Esoterically…

How much is self storage per month worth?

A self storage per month is worth an entire extra room, grandma and grandpa can come down to visit and stay with you rather than at the Holiday Inn on the other side of town.  A self storage unit worth being able to park in your garage, no more adverse weather taking a toll on your car.  It is worth a home uncluttered from the many miscellany that we build up over our times in our homes. It is not that we are all hoarders or anything like that, far from it. We have a natural tendency to gather and accumulate. People get married. Couples have children. Everyone gets a new hobby. By and by we accumulate a wealth of possessions that while not extraneous, are not needed every minute of every day. A self-storage unit allows you to have everything you need readily on hand but not directly under foot.

A self storage unit keeps those important belongings that you want to keep safe under guarded attention and restricted access, making them often safer than at most people’s homes. When it comes to ‘out of sight, out of mind’ storage units deliver security to give you the peace of mind that your possessions are safe while they are not in the forefront of your mind.

So really, what self storage is worth – past the monthly dollar amount- depends on what value you place on the convenience and other benefits allowed by storing your belongings in a space other than your garage. You will not have a stuffed spare bedroom, catastrophic closets, spilling out on the floors of your living rooms etc. If you value having space to live in and not just to store things, then a self-storage unit is worth a whole heckuva lot.

Looking to take the leap and regain control of your home’s space? Contact us here and let us help you be the king/queen of your castle, we’ll watch the storage.


Get ready for the new school year with Self Storage

If you’re a college student or a parent of one, this post will be very beneficial to you. The stress of moving into or out of a dorm, apartment, or house can be overwhelming, but with self storage you can make your life easier. You never really realize how much stuff you have until it’s all packed up, and there’s a good chance you have too much stuff. And the last thing you want to do is cause an argument with your new roommate about the crowded mess in your new abode. Whether you’re wanting to store some smaller items like clothes, or larger items such as furniture, there is a self storage unit near your college campus that will fit your needs.

Looking for a hassle free move in to college? Consider self storage units.

Looking for a hassle free move in to college? Consider self storage units.

Self storage is a great option for students that need extra storage for their items during the school year or even the summer. After the school year, many students go home for the summer break, however they don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving their stuff all the way home if they’re just going to move right back in three months. Renting a self storage unit will save you from unnecessary moving costs, shipping items and most importantly, your valuable time. You could even share a storage unit with a roommate or friend for a more cost effective solution.

Here are some items to consider storing to free up some space.

  • Old textbooks – who knows you might need these down the road, or you can sell them to get some extra cash
  • Seasonal clothes – there’s a good chance that if you live in a hot climate, you’re not going to be needing your warm winter parkas or snow boots for most of the year. Same goes for your a cold climate, leave your bathing suits and short shorts in storage. If you need to go grab your seasonal clothing, you always go pick those items up at your own convenience.
  • Your vehicle – you don’t want to drive your car hundreds or thousands of miles back home if you don’t have to. Store your vehicle for summer/winter break or during your study abroad trip.

To avoid having to pay peak prices for your storage unit during the high season when students are moving out, lock in a unit before the spring and summer months. You might even consider renting a climate controlled storage unit if your campus is located in an area that gets hot and humid during the summer. Though these types of storage units are more expensive, your items will be better protected from the effects of climate.

Check out more tips for self storage units for college students.

College students who are planning on moving out for the summer or taking a semester long study abroad trip are the perfect candidates for self storage. Plus your parents will be so proud of you for being organized and appreciate not having to move your stuff. If you are interested in self storage please contact us with any questions.


How to Pack a Storage Unit?

You’ve figured out the size of unit you need. You have called ahead and booked one, choosing to go with a month-to-month lease, not sure how long you need the unit for. But now that you’re staring at the void of space you wonder: that perennial question.  How best to store your belongings in a unit, how to stack, arrange and pack your stuff to avoid damage or death. Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self-Storage blog where we have been giving you all the info fit to hold onto and store. This time we are looking at the best practices when it comes to filling up that unit!

  • Use Correct Boxes
    • Larger boxes should be filled with light smaller items while smaller boxes filled with heavy items. This will make the moving of the boxes leagues easier.
  • Label the Box
    • No duh right? Seems like a no brainer, but when you’re digging through your boxes looking for that stupid toaster oven YOU KNOW you packed, well you’ll wish you had.
  • Load the Box
    • When packing the boxes, make sure the heavier items are on the bottom of the box and never heavier than you can lift.
  • Keep the Parts
    • Any bed frames or other furniture that can be disassembled should be. It’ll save loads of room and then bag up the hardware and tape it to the furniture so you don’t lose them.
  • Big on Bottom
    • The heavier or bulkier an item, the closer to the floor it goes. You don’t want to risk anything heavy falling on anyone looking for something.
  • Use the Space
    • Storage units are often tall, often up to 8’! You’re paying for that space so why not use it? By arranging heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter as you go up you can safely stack more in the unit and better utilize space.
  • Frequently Used Objects
    • Any items you expect to be needing frequently should be gathered together and stored with ease of access in mind. Near the front of your unit, not under anything else.

We’ll catch you next time on the Albuquerque Self-Storage blog!

Finding Out Which Size Storage Unit You Need

The size storage unit you need will depend on what you will be using the storage space for, and we can help you determine that. Whether you are looking for a unit to store items from your studio apartment, 4-bedroom home, or commercial office space, we have the right size unit to suit your needs. To avoid getting something too large or too small, contact one of our self-storage professionals to find out what unit is right for you. The cost to rent will be determined once you choose the size and depending on how far in advance you choose to book. The sooner you contact us, the better rates you will get on your self-storage. In addition, we do give discounts if you pay in advance for 6 months or longer.

To give you a better idea of what exactly you can rent, here are the size units we have and what they can accommodate.

4 X 6 = 24 sq. ft. – Our smallest size storage unit is meant to hold electronics, bicycles, boxes, etc. If you are looking at storage for your residential home it can hold small furniture, files and boxes.  For a business, this size will fit 35 files, boxes and any other excess inventory.

6 x 11 = 66 sq. ft. – If you’re looking for a storage space for items in your studio apartment, this size unit could be the right fit for you. It is meant for a residential studio or one bedroom apartment or your business office equipment and inventory.

10 x 11 = 110 sq. ft. –  The next size up is meant for storage of items in a two-bedroom residential apartment. This size storage unit is also perfect for a business looking for enough room to store 2 office spaces plus boxes.

10 x 22 = 220 sq. ft. –  This is one of our larger storage units and can hold items from a three-bedroom house plus garage items. For a business, this size can store 3-4 office spaces, boxes, and equipment.

15 x 22 = 330 sq. ft. – Our largest storage unit can store items from 4+ bedroom house plus garage items. Business = 4 offices spaces, boxes, equipment.

If you’re still unsure which storage space is the right size for you, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.



Outdoor Storage

When you think the phrase storage unit you no doubt are thinking indoor storage. And that makes a lot of sense! But there is a whole second world of storage that certain storage providers, such as Albuquerque Self Storage, can provide. That is outdoor storage. What would you use it for? What sizes are available? How does it work? Well we are going to go into in this post so stick around if you have a big old boat, RV, or anything else taking up space you don’t have.

Outdoor storage is useful for any sort of large vehicle: stuff like cars, trucks, campers, RVs, boats, or trailers. You don’t need to take up all your yard with grandma and grandpa’s RV they aren’t using during the fall.

They also provide even more ease of access. Our outdoor storage facilities are lit, fenced, and secured with controlled access during business hours, making them a perfectly secure and safe place to store these large vehicles out of the way. The space you can get outdoor is often cheaper per square foot, not to mention how much bigger the space can be. Outdoor spaces get up to 35 feet!

Obviously using an outdoor space isn’t the solution to every storage situation. The benefits of using an outdoor storage space are numerous, but only if they are suited to the need. If our needs don’t match they’ll really be the worst choice. If you’re looking to store smaller valuables, or anything that needs a reasonable temperature so as to not be damaged, then outdoor is clearly not the way to go. Indoor, climate controlled units will be much better suited to your needs, and with Albuquerque Self Storage, they’ll still be at a reasonable price.

Unsure of what your storage needs are? Give us a call and speak to one of our storage professionals, together we will figure out your storage needs and find the solution that’s right for you.

Summer Moving Tips (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! Last time we began laying out some summer moving tips to make sure your move goes smooth. Without further ado, here are some more of those handy, helpful tips!

Care for the Kids

When it comes to moving day, all hands-on deck helps. But when it comes to sizzling summer days, kids are best suited to be hanging out inside in climate-controlled rooms, staying out of the way and out of the heat. If you’re needing to register your child in school again quickly, it may be best to pack any documentation they may need. Having things like transcripts or vaccination records on hand will save you loads of work and headaches sifting through boxes.

Pet Precautions

Your furry family should be looked after as well on moving day. Making space for them to be separate from the movers and safe from getting lost running away or out of the air conditioning. Getting them to stay at a friend’s place or in a kennel can be the best decision when it comes to keeping them safe and making the move easier.

A/C On / Off

Remember that your doors are going to be open for long lengths of time and so the temperatures inside will be the temp outside. Keep that in mind when you are considering keeping you A/C on the whole time and throwing money outside. But make sure that electricity is on at your new place so you can get that cooling as fast as possible following the hot move.

Stay Hydrated

Obviously. If you’re going to be exerting yourself lifting and moving you’re going to be sweating. Crank up the heat and you’ll be sweating even more. Combat that with proper hydration and you’ll be feeling loads better when everything is said and done.

Hopefully these tips have helped make your summer move more tolerable if not easy as pie! We’ll be back next time on the blog and we’ll look at some less serious summer tips. Maybe the best pools around the world? Yeah that sounds like fun.


Summer Moving Tips (Part 1)

Last time on the Albuquerque Self-Storage blog we discussed some summer storage topics like what to look for, and why summer storage rates may be more expensive. This time we will keep on with the summer theme and look at some summer moving tips as we enter July, the hottest month in Albuquerque.

Here are some pro tips to make your summer move a more tolerable experience.

Don’t Move in the Summer

It’s awful. Not only that, but the summer moving season makes it much more expensive in storage and moving industries. Also, the heat makes the experience miserable. Ok, you’ve been warned.

You Must?

Well, here it is in July and you have to move either now or in August. Well ok. There are worse things in the world. To make that an easier experience you can do a few things. 1) Plan ahead. This might be too late, but if you are able to plan for a move with roughly six weeks lead time you’ll be in a much better place. If using a moving service there isn’t necessarily a guarantee you will be able to get booked if you wait too long. Also arrange for the move during the least busy days. Any weekday in the middle of the month will be a safe bet.

Pack Perfection

Everyone plans to pack a few boxes here and there every day leading up to the move. Most fail to make that a reality. So be honest with yourself and your moving situation, to make sure it’ll get done in time. You can hire movers to pack as well but if they show up and you’re asking them to pack for you last minute they won’t be so happy. While you’re at it, keep in mind what you don’t to put in moving vehicles in the heat. Candles are sure to melt and cover your other belonging. CD’s and tapes can warp or otherwise deteriorate in the heat.

Oh, well look at that we’re nearing the end of our time together this time. Come back next time and we’ll go over even more summer moving tips. See you then!


Summer Storage

Welcome back to another edition of the Albuquerque Self-Storage blog, where we deliver all the news, info, and tips fit to self-store! This month we’re going to go over a number of different things ranging from some summer storage tips, moving advice (naturally), and maybe end with some fun stuff like looking at some of the most expensive homes on the market.

While the summer is heating up quite spectacularly, you may find yourself in need of a storage unit for a variety of reasons. Here are some things to keep in mind during the summer months.

  • As the temps go up, so does storage unit demand. Granted it’s July now so this may be a bit late to tell you, but the rush is in full swing. Meaning prices can go up as well. Shop smart!
  • Keep in mind a few features to look for in a summer storage unit. Drive up access can make storage unit ownership much more convenient. In the absurdly high temps, a climate controlled unit is almost a must unless you’re storing nothing that can be damaged by the temperature. But, if you’re storing clothing, electronics, wooden furniture and a whole lot more, you’ll want to look for climate control.
  • Security, as always, is an important consideration for a unit, especially if you are planning on storing for the summer and being away on vacation. Having someone on premises to make sure everything is above board can go a long way to keep you feeling secure.

People store all sorts of stuff during the summer, usually winter or other seasonal items like snow blowers, shovels, holiday decorations, or even motorized vehicles like snowmobiles. The other big customer base of summer storage are college folks who need to move out of their dorm or apartment for the few months. Regardless of the reason for the need, self-storage can give you the freedom to live your life exactly as you please, and give you the peace of mind that nothing will happen to your belongings while you’re off in Italy or simply not wanting to stare at your snowmobile in the garage.

Moving Tricks That Save You Time, Trouble And Effort

Moving can be a busy and stressful time for even the most seasoned of movers. That is why it is a good idea to consider a few common tricks that are designed to save you time, trouble and effort on your next move. For example, when moving dresser drawers consider keeping all contents of the draws intact and simply covering the top of the draws with Saran Wrap or Press’N Seal type plastic. As a result, the dresser drawer becomes its own moving box. This saves a few steps since a separate box will not have to be packed and then unpacked.

More Effective And Convenient

Jewelry displays can also be wrapped with the same type of material as a way to prevent loss or damage. Even more effective and convenient is to buy a large roll of stretch wrap from your local moving and storage company. This is a far superior type of material that can easily help you group like items together. It is also effective at protecting furniture from getting scratched or scuffed in the moving process.

Holding Small Or Tiny Parts

Another great item to have on hand for any move is a few boxes of sandwich bags. These are ideal for holding small items or parts. This is especially true when taking apart furniture that has a large number of screws, bolts or nuts. Even the mounting hardware used with a flat screen TV can easily be stored in a Ziploc plastic bag. As an added note, you could even attach a plastic bag with small items to the corresponding piece of furniture or item that it is associated with.

Simply Refer To The Photos

Finally, consider taking pictures of how your electronic item wires are connected prior to taking everything apart. This can be a lifesaver when it comes time to put all your electronics back together at your new home. If you can’t remember where the wires were positioned, simply refer to the photos that you took so that you can return all components back to their original spot.

Contact Albuquerque Self-Storage today for all your self-storage needs in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Simple Moving Tips That Sometimes Get Overlooked

In the heat of the rush during a move, many things can be missed that would have made a move much easier and safer. For example, something as simple as packing an overnight bag that contains all of your essentials can save the day. Toiletries and a change of clothing as well as laptop computers and other important items should be kept close at hand in an overnight bag. Equally important is to consider placing all items that will be needed first in a clear plastic bin.

Carefully Wrapped In Clothing

Everything from paper towels to trash bags and cookware as well as phone chargers and toilet paper can be placed in a clear plastic container to ensure easy and quick access. In addition, all breakable items such as glasses and dishes should be carefully wrapped in clothing or quality bubble wrap. This will greatly reduce the chances of breakage. Best of all, using clothing is a great way to save money and still get everything moved in a safe way.

Cost Of Packing Material

One great trick that is often used is that of using clean socks to pack glasses and stemware. The idea here is that these are items that will be moved anyway and it saves in terms of the cost of packing material. Another great tip when it comes to moving is to always label your boxes with the contents as well as the room where they will be placed upon arrival. Once you have arrived at your destination it is simply just a matter of unpacking room by room.

Mark The Boxes On All Sides

As items are removed from the truck, they should be placed directly in the room where they will be used. This increases efficiency, saves time and reduces stress. When labeling boxes it is a good idea to mark the boxes on all sides so that they can be easily identified. Consider placing all toiletries, cleaning supplies and other liquids in containers in sealed plastic bags so that spillage does not damage other items in the box.

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