Tips And Tricks For Effectively Labeling Items For Moving Or Storage

Perhaps one of the most important aspects achieving a successful move or storing items in an efficient and safe way is to always make the most of all that labeling has to offer. Fortunately for consumers there are more options today than ever before when it comes to a wide variety of color-coded labels and custom labels that make the entire process easier and more convenient. Effective labeling minimizes confusion and maximizes the benefits of storage.

Label Each Box In Order Of Moving Or Packing Priority

One of the best ways to take full advantage of all the labeling has to offer when storing or moving is to label items in order of priority. In other words, label each box in order of moving or packing priority. Items first on the truck or items that should be at the front or back of a storage unit should be marked accordingly. Equally important is to ensure that each box is labeled with detailed information about the contents of the box.

Place Labels In A Conspicuous Location

In addition, those doing the packing can maintain an accurate and detailed inventory list by using a number coding system to keep track of all items on a master list. As an added note, when labeling boxes it is important to place labels in a conspicuous location where they are easy to read and easy to find. Another simple tip for making labeling more effective is to avoid placing labels over taped areas of a box or the seam where the box closes. This combined with marking fragile boxes appropriately can serve to reduce the chances of breakage, loss or damage.

Color-Coded Round Labels

Equally important when labeling boxes is to identify which room a box will be delivered to upon arrival. This can greatly reduce confusion when it comes to staying organized during a move. One method is to simply label boxes according to room by a color-coded method. Each room will have its own color making organization easy, convenient and fast. Color-coded round labels are typically the best option in this regard. Finally, labeling boxes with an arrow indicating the top of the box can also serve to reduce breakage or damage of the contents of boxes. Contact Albuquerque Self Storage today for Albuquerque self-storage options that are affordable and reliable.

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