10 Bizarre Things Found in Storage Units (Part 2)

Are you ready to hear about more weird and interesting things that have been found in storage units? We certainly are! In part one, we learned that people have found things like papers written by Malcom X, human remains, and even a rare comic book! Here are a few more things you’re sure to enjoy.

  1. Burt Reynolds memorabilia: For all who know and admire Burt Reynolds, a storage unit was found containing a whole slew of his memorabilia. Unfortunately, Burt had stored all of these items, and when he had defaulted on his payments, his unit was put up for auction. The person who bought the unit must have sold all of Burt’s belongings, because all those who had purchased the memorabilia had come together to open the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum, which is still open today.
  2. A music goldmine: And the music that was found in a unit wasn’t just anyone’s music. It was 250 original, unreleased songs by Michael Jackson. These songs were written by Michael while he was between contracts, meaning that no recording studio or company actually owned the rites to them. Valued at millions of dollars, many of the tracks were recorded with Tina Turner. The entire unit was originally owned by Michael’s father, Joe Jackson.
  3. A whole bunch of news articles: Following the theme of music, a storage unit was bought in 2010 that contained a collection of newspapers from around the country that all covered Elvis Presley’s death. Not only did they cover his death, all of the articles were printed on August 16, 1977, the day that Elvis Presley died. The newspapers were found to be in nearly perfect condition, and were valued at a whopping $90,000.
  4. A cool car: Found inside a storage unit bought in 1989, a small investment of $100 at a storage unit auction turned out to be a huge payoff. Inside the unit was James Bond’s Submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me.

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