Storage Resolution Time

New year, new you! But how are you holding up on that front? We’re officially past the one month benchmark and how many people have abandoned their lofty resolutions, or stuck to them?  Not to discourage, it is just the reality, but here at the Albuquerque Self Storage, we are here to help! So here are some tips on how to utilize self-storage and make your resolutions last!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Of course! If you’re trying to spend more time reading or developing a skill but still spending all your post work hours sitting in front of the tube then maybe moving the TV out of your home is the solution! No reason to get rid of the distraction outright, after all, you’re simply looking to build a new habit. Once you feel you’re dedicating enough time to progress then, you can bring the screen back into your living room.

Duh, Declutter!

A popular resolution is to go minimalist. You know the deal, eating with only one spoon, fork, or knife, a bowl, a plate and a single glass. Wearing one of three different shirts for the rest of your life, that whole thing. If this is a resolution of yours and you have been struggling in making it a reality or find yourself unable to throw out things, we have an idea! Utilize self-storage as an intermediary step! Gather up the things you suspect you no longer need or want, and rent out a smaller unit for a month or two (after all these spaces are supposed to be temporary, a few months may be what you need.)  After some time you’ll have broken the emotional hold some of these objects have held on you as you realize you didn’t need it once during those three months etc. With that step complete moving your now unneeded things form the unit to a worthy cause(like those we have covered previously on the blog) can be done seamlessly.

The year is still fresh, and so are you! Keep up the good work and let us help where we can! After all, we can’t give you abs, but we sure can help you clear out your home and simplify, at least for now.

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