Do I Need Insurance for Self-Storage?

do I need insurance for self-storage?

And…. we’re back with the final blog of September. This month we have covered a variety of topics from a handful of different tips for storage as well as the ins and outs of motorcycle maintenance for long term storage. We also like to spend our time together answering questions we get regularly, and one of those is this: ‘Do I need insurance for my self-storage unit?”

When it comes to storing valuables (as surely anyone using a storage unit values them) self-storage is chosen because it is secure. Behind lock and key, surveillance, gates and a whole lot more. But locks, cameras, and fences don’t protect against natural disasters, particularly bad storms, or anything like that. That’s where insurance comes in.

Insurance, briefly, will cover your belongings in the case of some unforeseen catastrophe. Your belongings might not survive the terrible storm, but because you have a policy you can rest easy knowing that you will be able to file a claim with the company and reacquire the items you need.

Do you need insurance for self-storage? That depends. In some contracts, the facility may provide what is called a ‘protection plan.’ This is essentially a clause that states that for the money paid monthly, the storage facility will step in and cover in case of damages. These are not the norm however and they certainly aren’t as air tight as insurance.

Just like renters’ insurance, getting coverage of your self storage unit involves having a detailed and evaluated inventory of the goods you have in the space. This is easier done when first packing your belongings for storage. Once you have that inventory in hand it’s time to call up your home/auto insurance provider who are likely to have services to cover storage which can save you a buck as you bundle them.

With that insurance coverage provided, you will now be able to fully relax knowing that your belongings are not only secure from theft but whatever else Mother Nature might decide to throw your storage unit’s way. With an accurate, adequate policy should disaster strike you will save a lot of heartache and a whole load of headaches.

So, while having insurance is not required for your self storage unit necessarily (some facilities do have differing policies on this) it is just a smart precaution to always be prepared and cover any possibility. Need a unit before you invest in insurance? Contact us and let’s get you the storage space you need.


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