Are Storage Units Profitable?

Ever since a whole genre of reality television blew up around the concept, it is a question we see popping up frequently. ‘Are storage units profitable?’ Often the thought behind it is whether or not purchasing up old storage units and flipping their contents a worthwhile endeavor. This is not the only way storage units can be a profitable endeavor. Do not worry, we will address that original question in a moment. But before we do, we want to offer this: profitable can mean many things. It can mean a worthwhile investment, a sound financial choice. It does not have to be just selling items for profits. More on that later, but for now let’s answer that first question!

Are Storage Units Profitable?

That depends. In the ‘Storage War’ mode of profitability, buying up storage lockers contents and trying to resell is, well, a gamble. You could be so certain that a unit has a treasure trove buried in the back and end up dropping hundreds on 12 x 12 square feet of trash. That’s a bust, and yet, with the same flip of the coin, you can be like the couple on one episode who happened to win an auction the crew were running and ended up with almost a cool half million in literal pirate treasure. Obviously, this isn’t the most common of scenarios. If every lot auction ended with the contents being massively valuable well, they probably wouldn’t be auctions in the first place!

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Rethink ‘Profitable’

While you can certainly go on and attempt to scoop up units at auctions, storage units are definitively profitable when used for their intended purpose. We have written about it elsewhere on the site on our blog answering ‘Are Storage Units a Good Investment?’ To expound here, storage units provide one thing specifically: space. Storage unit is the tool, space is the resource being provided and how you leverage that resource can see you coming out ahead financially.

Profitable does not have to only mean financial gain as well. Profitable can be any positive to your life. For instance, if you using the new space provided by your storage unit to clear out your garage, you can then park your cars inside or use as a workshop. Protecting your cars from the outside weather, or making them safe. If the space provided allows for an extra bedroom for guests your life can suddenly be given a whole lot more joy. That’s why we suggest rethinking what ‘profit’ means.

Are storage units profitable? Heck yes! Regardless of whether or not you go on a storage locker auction frenzy, owning and utilizing a storage unit for your personal use can allow you the means to bring other joys (not to mention savings) to your day to day life. If you are looking to get a storage unit for yourself or your family

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