Self-Storage Locks For Your Unit

There are many ways to keep your storage safe but were going to focus on the most effective. Self-storage locks come in different shapes, sizes, and strengths which is why it’s important to know what you’re shopping for. Not all locks are as effective as consumers think. Most storage facility tenants rely on their storage provider to keep their belongings safe. This is not realistic, it is very possible that another storage facility tenant that has access to the same storage facility as you could easily break into your storage unit. Therefore, self-storage locks are crucial when it comes to not only having your valuables protected but secured.

Let’s discuss the first self-storage lock. It’s the most basic form of lock that is most commonly used in all self-storage units: “the padlock”. Please do not use this lock, this lock is so easy to bypass it should not even be called a lock. Anybody with internet access can easily pick this lock. In fact, if you google search “bump key” you can figure out how to pick this lock in a matter of seconds. On top of that this lock can easily be snapped off in no time at all. One pair of bolt cutters that you can purchase at Walmart will suffice in taking all your valuables in less than 5 minutes if you choose this lock. The only thing good about this lock is its price, but when you consider how much money you’re going to lose you’ll be wishing you splurged a little.  Meta Data: Lock

Next, there is the disk lock, now this lock is much better than the padlock but it’s still not the best. The main difference between the disk lock and the padlock is bolt cutters. Bolt cutters can easily snap a padlock within seconds, but disk locks don’t allow that. The metal used to hold the lock together is much thicker. However, they are both the same in that you can still use a bump key to pick both. To pick the disk lock much more time is required. Whereas the padlock lock picking can be done in minutes.

The latest in cutting-edge self-storage locks are electronic locks. Now not all storage facilities offer these. They are top of the line and can be expensive as well as hard to use. Here’s how they work. Storage locks are attached to kiosks essentially dispensing new code every 24 hours. This is ideal when it comes to self-storage because this doesn’t allow for criminal’s time to prepare to steal your code. There is a greater chance that a criminal cannot prepare to steal your valuables than if you had a lock. This is because the code or your self-storage lock is constantly changing every 24 hours.  Think about it in these terms, it’s far easier to hit a target that isn’t moving than a target that is.

Another form of lock is called a cylinder lock this lock is a more generic form of lock. This is the form of lock most of us are used to. This lock although common is extremely effective because it’s in the door or storage unit so it makes it more effective at deterring robbers. Combine the cylinder lock with the disk lock and you have your ultimate form. Although both locks can be bumped the chances of you bumping two locks and successfully getting away with it or not being seen are significantly lower than if you were to bump just one lock.

Make sure that whatever type of lock you’re purchasing, that it’s made up of expensive metals or at the very least not made up of aluminum. Aluminum locks are easily broken and top of that they rust incredibly easy which makes them vulnerable. Granted most storage units don’t have to deal with rain, but occasionally there are leaking problems within storage units. This means water damage in the future could be a possibility so don’t wait until it happens and be prepared now. Ultimately if you want to achieve premium security and protect your valuables you have three primary choices. The first is the disk lock, standard but will get the job done. Second is to combine the disk lock and the cylinder lock, creating two standard locks that combine to make a secure storage unit. Last your best option would be to opt in for the cutting edge electronic self-storage locks. However, these locks are considered premium and are not always offered in most storage facilities which are why I recommend taking this option no questions asked if available.

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