Kitchen Organization: A Necessity for Your Home

Tackling the kitchen can be a tough one. We’ve all been there we look at all the dishes in the sink, question where to even store all of our pots and pans, and sometimes just leave food in the refrigerator too long. Kitchen organization is not easy and requires patience and a lot of clearing out and time.

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8 Tips for Kitchen Organization

We want to help you become organized in the kitchen and learn clever ways to store all of your appliances. Having a clean kitchen leads to having a clean home. Your kitchen will not only be organized but will be appealing to the eye. Follow our 8 tips and tricks below to help make your kitchen organization a breeze!

Clear Containers

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Using clear containers can be helpful to create a clean look. Label each container whether it be “cereal”, “snacks”, or even “popcorn”. Make sure that these containers have tight lids to create an airtight seal. Using clear containers allows you to group like items together. Use these on your countertop, in your pantry, or on a shelf.


How do you organize your spices? Do you have them in your pantry? Maybe you store them in a Lazy Susan, or you have a spice drawer. No matter how you store your spices this is one of the most common items in your pantry that adds up with partially used bottles and expired ones still being used. Make sure every six months to a year you clean out your spices. Look for ones that are expired and toss those, then look for duplicates and combine them into one bottle. Being on top of your spices will keep a tidy pantry and drawer.

Utensil Drawer

Keep track of your utensils by using dividers in your drawers. Whether you want to separate forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, or anything else you use in the kitchen dividers are the best option to do so! It can be frustrating not knowing where your utensils are in the drawer. Use mini-bins to keep your drawer in tip top shape. You can even store your spatulas, whisks, and other items up on the counter in a nice decorative holder or mason jar.

Pots and Panslazy susan

Use an organizer to store pans sideways and avoid the clutter. When trying to take out pots and pans it always creates constant loud noise. By using dividers, you can keep pots, pans, lids, and cutting boards separated for easy access. If you don’t want to separate your lids you can use command hooks on the inside of the doors to hold your lids.

Cleaning Supplies in a Cabinet

Many people don’t keep their cleaning supplies in low places, such as under the sink, when they have young ones running around the house. It is good to keep a cabinet for all of your cleaning supplies organized. Use clear containers to hold sponges, dishwasher pods, and other small items. Use racks to hold towels on the bottom and cleaning supplies on top.

Tackle Your Junk Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer in their kitchen, the question is how to get the drawer organized. Use little drawer dividers or even utensil dividers to help organize it. Fill the organizers with pens, scissors, paper clips, and other items – but be sure to keep those items where they belong. Once you have designated a container for each item keep it that way. You will be amazed at how good it feels to open your junk drawer and see how nice and neat it is!

Empty Your Cabinets

Take each and every item out of your cabinets to go through. Donate or discard items that you no longer use, need, or want. If something is a duplicate do you really need it? If it’s broken and you haven’t fixed in forever toss it, or if it’s something you no longer use donate it. By doing this to every cabinet and drawer will allow you to really get down to it. Don’t tell yourself you may use something in the future, because chances are if you haven’t you haven’t used it in 6+ months you won’t use it anytime soon. Be tough on yourself and give yourself more kitchen storage.

Utilize Vertical Space

You’d be surprised what you can do with the underside of your cabinets. You can place hooks underneath to hold mugs, a rack for wine glasses, or even a drying rack for pots and pans. This allows you to use cabinet space for other items that may not look as pretty as hanging mugs and wine glasses. By utilizing this space in the kitchen, it gives you and guests easy access to some of the most common items used, as well as a clean look.

Finding ways for new tips and tricks on kitchen organization is the best. Your kitchen not only looks better, but you feel better when you see how tidy your kitchen is. Take a day to yourself and solely focus on organizing your kitchen and pantry. We promise, you’ll be relieved to do it and use it to destress. When you realize you need storage space for items in your home contact us and we will help find the best size unit for you!

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