Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! Moving into your first apartment is exciting and nerve racking all at once. You are leaving home, or school housing, and stepping out into the world on your own. While this is an exciting time it also requires a lot of work. When moving into your first apartment you want to be sure you are prepared for what comes before and after your move.

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We want to help you move into your first apartment successfully. Read our tips on what to do before and after your move to make sure it all goes smoothly. If you’ve already signed your lease you know the exhilarating feeling of renting that first apartment, if you’re still looking you know the struggles of finding the perfect one for you. No matter which position you are in our tips are meant to help you stay calm and organized moving into your first apartment.

Follow Our Tips for Moving Success

1. Know Your Budget

More often than not one of the main problems first time apartment owners/renters run into is not properly budgeting. It is important to know how much space you can actually afford on your own. Not only will you be paying rent, but electricity, internet/cable, and AC. Depending on where you live and if you have a car you may also need to pay for parking. It is extremely important to understand your budget and set it before you take any steps towards an apartment. A great way to control a budget is through online apps giving yourself plenty of room for an emergency fund.

2. Location, Location, Location

Where you decide to move can have a large impact on your budget. You want to take a few things into consideration before you move and really focus on the location you want. How close do you want to be to work? Will you use a car or public transportation? If you decide to drive, you want to think of parking and traffic. Does your complex come with parking or will you fight for street parking every day? Will rush hour be brutal or pretty easy going? If you decide on public transportation will you need to walk far or is there a bus stop or metro stop nearby? Think about the weather in all of this as well! Look into the crime rate in the area you are considering as well as all surrounding areas. Be sure you feel safe since your lease will most likely last a year.

3. Really Look at the Apartment

Be aware of everything in and out of the apartment when viewing it. You want to pay attention to any damages in the apartment, outside in the hallways, or other areas of the building. No matter the size of damage, from large holes to small little dings be sure you are aware and document everything that you see. You want to be sure your landlord is aware of these damages so that you are not charged in the future. Take photos during your walk through of anything and everything you see damaged. Also listen during your walk through. Can you hear your neighbors, and will they be able to hear you? Is there an elevator or strictly stairs for moving, carrying luggage, and carrying groceries? Question about on-site amenities. Ask about laundry services, a gym, and other amenities you are looking for in the building or nearby.

4. Read Your Lease

Now it is time to sign your lease. Before signing anything ever, take it home read it, re-read it, and have someone else read it. If there is something that doesn’t make sense to you be sure you make notes and ask questions. You never want to assume everything is in your favor and the way you want. You can never over read your lease. Look at pet, parking, and visitor policies. Look at rent and late rent policies. Don’t forget that this is a legally binding agreement so be sure it is 100% what you want and will agree to. If changes need to be made make sure you and your landlord discuss it.

5. Clean Before Moving In

It is much easier to begin your move if you pack in advance and keep everything nice and organized. You want to label all packages to know what is most important, fragile, and what will end up where. Think about what you need before moving and what you already have. Before you do anything to your new apartment clean it inside out. While there may be cleaning services that come before you move in you can never be too sure to have an extra clean apartment before putting everything away.

6. Meet Your Neighbors

Before moving in knock on a few doors to meet some of the people you may be living next to. Tell them you are considering moving in and ask their opinions of the complex, the neighborhood, and surrounding areas. It is always good to meet the people you may be living near to see if you can make some new friends! After you move in be sure to introduce yourself to your neighbors whether knocking on their door and saying hello or seeing them in the hallway or lobby area. By introducing yourself people will know you’re new and might be willing to help your move, meetup for coffee or drinks, or give you good places to go around the neighborhood. You never know the friendships you can make in your new apartment building!

Hopefully our tips on moving into a new apartment help you in your endeavors! Usually when moving across country or into a smaller home you need storage so contact us. We will help you get the perfect size storage unit at Albuquerque Self Storage!

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