7 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

A finished basement may cost a pretty penny in the beginning, but in the end it can bring a large return on investment. If you are ever looking to sell your house a finished basement is very profitable since many homebuyers prefer a finished basement. Finishing your basement is great for you to entertain guests and have your kids play. We have given you a few helpful ideas on how to finish your basement below!

Living Room

Why not convert your empty basement into a second living room? This can be a great space for entertaining guests. Not only can this be used as a second living room when your kids want to watch a different movie than you do, but it can also be great for their friends to come over as well. This is also a great spot for your kids to play in a spare living room. They can play loud video games or other games downstairs that enable the adults some relaxing time upstairs.

At Home Gym

If you can’t find the time to go to the gym a great finishing touch to your basement is converting it into a gym. Most basements have enough space to make a small gym, or even a large one if you want. Finishing your basement and creating your own workout room means you can gear the gym to your needs. Whether you want to add a sauna or steam room, a few weights, a barbell, or multi-use machines this is a great space. Creating a home gym is great for those who don’t have time to go to the gym or those who prefer to workout in private. Use yoga mats or foam mats underneath the machines to help prevent any damage to the floors.  

Wet Bar

Adding a bar to your basement is a great space to entertain your guests. Using cabinets and counters you can convert your basement into a comfortable and warm place to have a few drinks to wind down a fun adults night. This will likely become a great place for socialization. Be sure to stock up on fun snacks and even consider getting beer on tap if that’s your style! However, if you have young ones consider installing cabinets that lock to prevent their hands from getting on any alcohol.


Who doesn’t love going to movies, especially in the newer theaters with reclining chairs? When finishing your basement you may not have to go to the theaters anymore – turn your basement into your own personal theater! Often times basements have very few windows or no windows at all making it a great space for a theater. You can add large comfortable chairs that recline, light fixtures that dim, and even a microwave for popcorn! Depending on your style and imagination you can make it look however you would like a movie theater to look!

Small Apartment/Bedroom

Do you have family and friends coming to visit and staying over quite often? Or do you even have children sharing a room that are annoyed with one another constantly? This is a great way to allow privacy for family members and children. If you want to take it a step further you can convert your basement into a small apartment suite. You can add a kitchenette, a small living room, and potentially a half wall for a bedroom and bathroom. You can either use this space to rent out for a little extra money or save it for when your family and kids come and visit!


Finishing your basement doesn’t need to just be for adults and entertaining, it can be centered around children. You can have a whole playroom down there where all the toys are out of the upstairs and give your kids a space to run wild with their imaginations. You can get creative with a rock climbing wall, a slide, or even a small alcove for hide and seek. You can also get fun child’s bean bag chairs to allow your kids to get comfy while playing video games, watching TV, or reading their books. Also consider putting toy chests, baskets, or even shelves to help your kids stay organized.


So, let’s say you can’t decide on what you want to do with your basement. No stress! If you have enough space you can pull off a few of these ideas. You can combine a bar and living room area, or even a bar and movie theater area. You can also consider combining a living room and playroom having each side of the basement be designated. If you really want to get creative you can divide your basement to section off a play area, the living room, and a gym. For the last idea consider using a small wall to divide the gym from the rest of the basement and keep everything else open to avoid creating too cramped of a space.


No matter how you decide to go about finishing your basement there is no wrong way! Just keep in mind that having a finished basement may cost a bit in the beginning, but the return on investment will be well worth it in the future. During your renovation you may even need to store some ideas you’ve been storing in your basement. Contact us and we can help find the right sized storage unit for you!

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