7 Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home

Almost all rooms in your home have a designated purpose and use already, but maybe you have a spare room and aren’t sure what to do with it. Each room is designated for a certain purpose whether it’s your kitchen, your living room, or your bedrooms, but that spare room probably doesn’t have any purpose yet. We decided we want to help give you a few bonus room ideas to make use out of the room!

If your house has a bonus room you may be unaware just how valuable that space can be and the return on investment you can get from finishing that room. There are a number of possibilities that you can turn your spare room into, but we list just a few to get the ball rolling in your mind!

Guest Bedroom

Do you ever feel cramped when family and friends come to visit and spend the night or a few days with you? Turning your bonus room into a guest bedroom can completely change the game for you. This gives your guests a place to feel comfortable and spacious without overcrowding you. Creating a guest bedroom is also great for if you have kids and they have noisy sleepovers!

Home Office

Bonus rooms create great spaces for home offices when you need your privacy to work. Since bonus rooms tend to be in an odd corner of the house this allows you to really focus on your work and get some quiet away from noisier rooms. This can become a great place for you to do work or your children to do homework when quiet time is needed.

Personal Library

More bonus room ideas include a personal library for you and your family. The room may be just too small to turn into a spare bedroom so why not turn it into a comfortable library and allow relaxation time. You can create your own shelving or purchase some shelving and set all the books you’ve collected over the years. Set a comfortable chair or window sill seat and allow yourself to fully immerse in the pages. Bring your tea or coffee in there and relax to the max!

Home Gym

Maybe you don’t have time to go to the gym and want to get in a quick workout at home. Transform your bonus room into a home gym or yoga studio to allow yourself a good workout each day! You can create this room to be beneficial to the whole family with a few machines, some dumbbells, and a few yoga mats. With fans and maybe a mini fridge filled with water the whole family will be fighting over who gets to work out next.

Game Room

Do you have a few gamers in the family? Why not give them a room in which they can occupy themselves all day! Whether they are kids or adults you’ll all be in this room for game nights and watching your family gamers have fun! You can work with your gamer to set up the gaming systems properly, grab some bean bag chairs, and maybe put some board games and game tables in there too! This doesn’t need to be just a video game room but consider doing a family game night every so often and utilize the room for other games everyone enjoys as well.

Teen Room

Your kids love spending time with you when they are little – and let’s face it sometimes you probably wish you had a breather moment. As your kids get older and hit their teen years they will still love spending time with you but may also start spending time with their friends. A great place for teens and their friends to spend time is in the bonus room. You can give them a TV, maybe a gaming system, or even a mini fridge filled with soft drinks and snacks to help their never ending growing appetites.

Home Theater

You can quickly turn your spare room into a home theater. You don’t have to go all out with the movie theater seats and set up but placing a large TV or projector on the wall and a nice comfy couch or bean bag chairs can create the theater atmosphere. Consider adding a mini fridge in the room to be able to keep snacks and drinks in there for movie time. Also consider adding a microwave so that you can make great popcorn with ease and not have to run back and forth between the kitchen and theater during a movie.

Bonus Room Ideas

We hope that these bonus room ideas gave you some creativity for your spare room. From an office, to a gym, to a relaxing theater you can’t go wrong with anything you decide. Don’t be shocked when this room becomes the new family hangout. Right now your bonus room may be your storage room, so remove all of that stuff to create a relaxing atmosphere and put all of it into proper storage. If you are trying to update your bonus room contact us for a climate controlled storage unit to keep your valuables safe!

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