4 Tips for Furniture Storage

furniture storage unit cluttered furniture chairs

Furniture storage is often something that we don’t think about until we need to do it. Whether it’s the dinner table that’s been in your family for generations or a chair that you picked up from IKEA, knowing how to properly store your furniture will make all the difference in the long run. Today we’re talking about 4 tips that will help keep your furniture protected during its time in storage.

Finding the Right Unit

The first step you’ll want to take with your furniture storage is finding the perfect unit for your items. Based on how much you are looking to store, the size will be an important factor in your decision. You’ll want to make sure that you have enough room to put all your furniture inside without having to cram or force them in. 

Another thing that you’ll want to consider when looking for a unit to store your furniture is whether the unit is climate controlled or not. A climate controlled unit will help to keep your pieces safe from the changing temperatures and moisture that can be very damaging. You will usually want to store wooden furniture, fabrics, and antiques in a unit that is climate controlled.

Clean and Prep

Once you’ve found the perfect unit for your furniture you’ll want to start getting them ready to be stored. That first step, is going to be getting everything cleaned. You’ll want to clean your furniture in order to minimize the chances of developing mold and the amount of dust that will be in your unit. Follow these guidelines to make sure your pieces are looking their best for storage:

  • Clean plastic and wood furniture with a light soap and water. For wood furniture or antiques, a wood cleaner is recommended in order to protect the finish of the wood on those items.
  • Clean fabrics, like couch cushions, with an upholstery cleaner. Before storing, make sure that all of these items are dry in order to prevent mold from developing.
  • Polish up your metals. Using a metal cleaner and polish will help to slow the oxidizing process and delay any build-up that can occur during storage. 

After cleaning, you’ll want to take the time to disassemble any larger pieces of furniture. Although it’ll take time, taking apart your furniture will minimize the space that it takes up and help to prevent any accidental damage. Keep any screws or bolts in a small labeled bag and store them by the piece they belong to.

Wrap and Cover

Now that everything has been cleaned and polished, the next step you’ll want to take in your furniture storage is adding another layer of protection. Working from the bottom up, we’re going to start with the floors. Laying down a thick plastic sheet or canvas on the floor of your storage unit will prevent moisture from seeping into your pieces. For an extra level of protection, consider elevating your items from the ground using pallets or blocks.This step will be even more important in units that are not climate controlled. 

When it comes to the furniture, covering it is one of the most important steps to take in protecting it from damage. Take sheets, blankets, or a cloth and drape them over the furniture to keep from being exposed to moisture and dust. Be careful to avoid thick plastic covers as they can trap the moisture around your furniture and lead to swelling. Also try to avoid sheets that are darker as the color can transfer when left in storage for extended periods.

Mind Your Space

When it comes to actually putting your furniture into storage you’ll want to make sure that you plan and optimize your space. Don’t cram too many items into the unit in order to prevent things from accidentally being broken. Start by packing the largest items in the back and as you work towards the front move to the smaller items or any boxes that you might be storing. If possible, try and leave space for a walkway to give you easy access to the back of your unit when needed.

When it comes to storing your furniture and other valuables, the most important thing to start with is a reliable and safe unit. Albuquerque Self Storage has climate controlled indoor units in several sizes perfect for your needs, as well as outdoor units for any cars or boats you may need to store. Let us help you find the perfect unit for your storage needs, contact us today!

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