How a Self Storage Unit Saved My Marriage!

Welcome back to another entry on the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! We aim to provide readers and clients with information on how self storage units can facilitate a happy, clutter-free living environment. Today’s blog will focus on self storage solutions that will help you live more efficiently, as you sort and organize all the extra stuff you and your partner have collected over the years. Let’s face it, we never seem to have enough closet, garage, or basement space to accommodate life’s “collections.” We at Albuquerque Self Storage can help free up that space you so desperately crave; in fact, their self storage units might just save your marriage.

Self Storage Units

There are two types of people in this world: the Pitchers and the Keepers. Pitchers welcome the chance to purge their lives of clutter. They feel energized and empowered during spring cleaning season and may weigh an item’s utility over its sentimental value. Conversely, the Keepers, and you know who you are, hold on to every birthday card, knickknack, and tee shirt that they have ever owned.

Let’s make a hypothetical couple and situation for this that totally isn’t real. John, the husband, is a keeper. Linda, the wife, is a pitcher. John and Linda have moved three times in their 24 years of marriage. They have acquired and collected the many possessions associated with two children, not to mention all the extras they have “inherited” from their parents as they began to downsize. Here’s the problem—the two of them have polar opposite philosophies when it comes to what items are deemed worthy of occupying precious closet/garage space.

Take, for instance, a neon pink and black 1980s ski jacket, boxes filled with old magazines, empty picture frames, and childhood retainers. Needless to say, cleaning out closets or reorganizing the garage was no picnic for either of them. They always found ourselves arguing about whether we should keep something or let it go. They found a compromise, though by getting a self storage unit solutions that ultimately saved my marriage, including tips for efficiently deciding what to keep, sell, and place in a secure storage unit. With these simple “Ask Yourself” questions, you can’t go wrong! 

“Ask Yourself” Tip #1: Have you used this item within the last year and, if not, is it easily replaceable?

This first question can really help a couple decide if the item in question is something they can’t live without. First, honestly assess if you have needed the item over the past year. Was there a specific reason why you did not need it this year, but will in the near future? This should be fairly straightforward to answer. If you have not needed the item, ask yourself if it can be easily replaced. Is the item in question broken, outdated, or obsolete? If you had to replace it, would you select something similar or completely different? If you disagree about the utility of a possession, the goal should be to start an honest conversation about what items are worth having on hand in your home vs. what items can be moved to self storage.

“Ask Yourself” Tip #2: Does the item have a special purpose or memory attached to it?

This is where things can get heated for the Pitchers vs. Keepers, since it is highly subjective. We personally love self storage for memorabilia. It’s admittedly very difficult to justify closet space for long-untouched craft projects, childhood memories, and children’s old stuffed animals. Some of these things, you may not ready to part with, and we know it’s even more difficult for the Keeper. This is how we have learned to handle these items.

First, photograph or take a brief video of the item before carefully boxing it up. Next, discuss which of these boxes can be comfortably moved to a secure self storage unit. Finally, annually review the contents of your storage unit to make sure you still want to keep them.

“Ask Yourself” Tip # 3: Do You Have More Than One of the Same Items?

The issue here is performing an honest inventory of the items you possess in multiples. Are some of the items replacements for things that you never got rid of? In other words, did you buy a new lampshade, but still have the broken one in the back closet? In this case, talk about the likelihood of repairing the broken or outdated item. In some cases, performing an inventory for item repetition in your household will result in many things you can either donate or move to self storage for later use. In both cases, you will free up home storage space. 


Since investing in a storage unit, the pitcher and keeper can both increase their ability to compromise with one another. For all of you Keepers out there, a self storage unit provides you the opportunity to keep all those high school yearbooks and old bed frames you have been hauling from house to house. For all of you Pitchers out there, a self storage unit gives you the satisfaction of getting the clutter out of your house without an argument or blowout. It’s a win-win!

So, the next time you are debating where to put that sleeper sofa your in-laws no longer have room for (and graciously gifted to you) smile, remember these simple tips, and utilize your self storage unit. And, by the way, if you’re ever in need of bulk pencil erasers, we at Albuquerque Self Storage can hook you up.

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