Creative Ways to Maximize Your Home Office Storage Space

Home Office Storage

If you are one of those crazy-talented people who has an enormous pile of papers and miscellaneous items littering your desk, yet you know exactly where everything is, this blog may not be for you. This is for the rest of us, who function much better with some organizational wisdom. Below, we will discover creative ways to maximize your home office storage space. No space is beyond help with this innovative guide!

Home Office Storage Customized For Your Life 

The good news about small office storage is that you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy fancy containers. You can upcycle! If you’re searching for somewhere to put your thumbtacks, paperclips, AirPods, pens, or other small office essentials, look no further than your kitchen. Use a muffin tin or clean coffee cup to store all these easy-to-lose items. 

Small work spaces benefit from adaptable supplies. Try a rolling cart with your work day essentials, a filing cabinet with wheels, or a desk you can move easily around your house. One fantastic upside to working from home is that you can work wherever you want, whenever you feel like it. Move your desk out back and send some emails poolside. You could even roll your filing cabinet with you, and all of a sudden your home office feels a little more like a vacation than a 9-5 with deadlines. 

Home Office Storage

Office Storage Solutions For Small Spaces Don’t Have to be Boring

The key to an efficient workspace is excellent organization. It can be difficult to remain organized in a small space. Clutter can take over your home office and before you know it, you’re as overwhelmed with how to fix the mess as you are with getting your job done. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, but these unique storage solutions can help you avoid just that. 

Much like our blog on organizing your kitchen, making use of vertical space is essential for small storage solutions. Try out stacking drawers to file important papers instead of a large and clunky cabinet. This will free up space, and be a more portable option, which is always beneficial for small spaces. Hang shelves up along your walls to store additional items, but don’t be afraid to de-clutter. Minimalist work spaces can boost efficiency and peace of mind, therefore upping your productivity. 

The importance of arranging your desk in a logical way cannot be overstated. This is where the majority of your hard work happens, so it’s important to be mindful of this space, especially when it comes to small spaces. 

First, take everything off of your desk and eliminate any unnecessary clutter. Excess items lead to distraction and disorganization. Then, consider your workflow. If you are right handed, it can be a good idea to set paperwork that needs to be completed on the left side of your desk, and then a completed pile on the right side, ensuring an efficient flow for your workday. Although a minimalistic setting can be a good working environment, make sure you include some personal touches that make you smile. Having a picture of your family or a bright pop of your favorite color will boost your mood, improving your day overall!

The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Unit Office Space Ideas 

Much like our blog on transforming your garage into the room of your dreams, your office can be a unique and aesthetically pleasing space as well! 

The first step you can take to design a beautiful office space is to choose a color palette that you love. Just because sage green is the color of the season doesn’t mean you have to love it or choose it. Pick what speaks to you! If you need a tranquil space, try a fresh white. If you need a bright space to wake you up, include pops of bright yellow. If you want to feel like the CEO of a huge company (or if you are one), try deep hues of blue or red. Color psychology tells us that red and blue inspire feelings of power, determination, and confidence. Color has an intense effect on your emotions, so be sure to choose wisely!

If you have the option, rooms with windows and lots of light are invigorating and motivating. And, they actually make you healthier. A 2017 study published in Sleep Health Journal found that working in spaces with natural light helped workers’ sleep at night, increasing their workday productivity, happiness, and alertness, while decreasing their mistakes. 


Working from home looks and feels different for everyone. And while small spaces can be challenging to configure, there are tons of innovative ways to maximize your space. 

Every aspect of your home office is important, so ensuring that you love the layout, color, organizational objects, and lighting is a super-excellent way to embrace working from home. We’re all in this new normal together, figuring things out as they come. So go convert the space you have into the office you’ve always wanted!

Thanks for reading, and if you need to clear away excess clutter, be sure to look into self storage units. 

We at Albuquerque Self Storage are here to help! Contact us today for all your storage solutions.  

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